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Top 10 Halloween Costumes Overused in 2013

Posted by Marc Anthony Gonzalez Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Halloween approaches, and you look upon your costume with pride. The money and effort you've put into it make it all the more special. However, a thought crosses your mind as you ogle your yellow hazmat suit: "How original is my costume going to be? Will anyone else have a better version?" Sure, a Jesse Pinkman costume to complement your Walter White look may earn you a new best friend, but how many are acceptable before your party looks like Vince Gilligan's version of Crisis on Infinite Earths? Before you start your Halloween festivities, be aware of the following costumes at risk for overuse in 2013.

10. Superman or Wolverine

Superhero costumes vary depending on the movies released that year, but they remain consistently popular nonetheless. Halloween 2012 bore witness to depictions of the "Man Who Broke the Bat" along with Black Widow and Nick Fury costumes. This year's blockbuster superhero costumes are as simple as a one-piece bodysuit or a few aluminum claws and a tank top, so you'd better believe that Superman and Wolverine costumes are likely to appear in abundance.

Wolverine and Superman fighting at party
Cosplayers battle for the "Most Ubiquitous Superhero Costume" title
9. Prisoner From Orange Is the New Black

The popularity of the original Netflix series and the simplicity of a prison jumpsuit make this costume an easy go-to for women looking to opt out of Halloween sex appeal. Brown and orange scrubs can be found at any wholesale uniform store for around $20. However, be wary of a party where the majority of the chicks empathize with life in a correctional facility!

Orange Is the New Black Costumes for Halloween
Beware of "authentic" prisoner costumes.
8. Aaron Hernandez

Keeping up with the theme of "crime pays" in terms of Halloween karma, Aaron Hernandez costumes are likely to be spotted given their relative ease of assembly. Parties comprised of football fans are likely to have at least one Hernandez mimicker around. After all, what's scarier than a testosterone-loaded, murderous tight end? Just make sure to confirm those lookalikes are wearing costumes before you crack those prison jokes.

Hernandezing Meme
Ironically, "Hernandezing" will start over "Tebowing" this Halloween.
7. Wendy Davis or Ted Cruz

For the political aficionados, pairing business casual wear with tennis shoes may be the easiest way to depict your political hero or anti-hero, depending on your beliefs. Google Trends shows a spike in October in searches for Wendy Davis, the Texas state Senator who held a filibuster in June to oppose a legislative bill concerning reproductive rights. Power to them. Just make sure to avoid those who feel the need to talk all night to stay "in character."

Texas SB5 Debate
Texas Republicans: "Where's Kanye West when you need him?"
6. Zombie

Zombie costumes have been a Halloween favorite since long before the release of The Walking Dead and World War Z, and there's nothing wrong with that! What better way to justify drunken stumbling than by wearing zombie face paint? Be sure to put some effort into your zombie makeup, however, because the competition continues to steepen.

Zombie Cosplayers at bar
Never mix bath salts and alcohol.
5. 1920s Flapper, à la The Great Gatsby

The flapper get-up appeals to those oriented to historic glamour, thereby making it the coolest antiquity of fashion. Compilation can include a dress, a long pearl necklace, and feathered headband, all of which are easily acquired. I could rant about how unimaginative and lame I find this costume to be—not to mention ironic given the present growing disparity of wealth rivaled only by the "roaring twenties"—but I'll save that for another blog. With the theatrical release of the The Great Gatsby, you're likely to encounter flappers this Halloween. You can thank Martin Scorsese (who produced the film) when you find yourself trapped in a dull conversation with that insufferably boring cutie donning 1920s-era socialite apparel.

Daisy Great Gatsby Dress Costume Hair Style Cary Mulligan
4. Daenerys Targaryen

Emilia Clarke's character really kicked ass in season three of HBO and G.R.R.M.'s Game of Thrones. With Daenerys capturing more series limelight, expect to see at least one Mother-of-Dragons costume this Halloween. Just make sure you know who has read the books before conversing with anyone about it, to avoid spoilers! Oh, and there can never be too many of these cosplays.

3. Ylvis-Inspired Fox Costume

Those wishing to evoke a laugh from popular culture are likely gravitated toward renting a fox suit this year. Google Trends shows the keyword phrase "fox costume" skyrocketing in October 2013. Be prepared for your Halloween party to look more like a gathering of furries.

What does the Fox say? Suit for Furries
Ylvis fan or furry?
2. Breaking Bad Costumes

Vince Gilligan's masterpiece resonates in popular culture as one of the darkest television series in history. With the show having just concluded, you can bet many costumers will pay homage by wearing hazmat suits and other show-inspired costumes this Halloween. Too many hazmat suits in one place will make your local bar look like a company happy hour for the Springfield Power Plant in The Simpsons.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad cosplayers run the risk of looking like skinheads.

1. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

Ugh. Google Trends shows alarming statistics to believe that Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke costumes will litter the streets this Halloween. Think twice before you and your significant other leave the house resembling the VMA's most notorious music act. Is the cold autumn night really worth the stale joke? Why not zombify your celebrity costumes?

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at VMAs
Do the right thing.

What did you plan for your Halloween costume? Do you think there's a costume we left out on the list? Tell us what you think and what you're wearing this Halloween in the comments section!

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