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Boston Metaphysical Society Review and Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Anonymous Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Download Boston Metaphysical Society Comic Book CBRFellow geeks, especially those with an interest in paranormal comics, I have been introduced to another Kickstarter campaign from which I think we could all benefit: Boston Metaphysical Society. Anyone who has read all my articles knows I have an interest in Nikola Tesla; I have said on several occasions that he is my favorite scientist of all time. He is the person on whom all of your favorite "mad scientist" characters tend to be based, and he appears frequently in this series—thus my interest!

I had the opportunity to look through the pages of the first few books, and I was amazed by how much fun they were. Tesla appears as one mind of many, all of who are attempting to catch or kill a being who may (or may not) be from another dimension. It seems Tesla may play a secondary role, one not so heroic, but what role that may be remains to be seen. That's why I'm trying to spark interest in this Kickstarter campaign.

Boston Metaphysical Society Famous Inventors Comic BooksThe main character of the series is a detective named Samuel Hunter, who is not your garden-variety detective. His job is to hunt down and destroy the various paranormal manifestations that are plaguing the families who call on him. His reputation as a ghost hunter is seriously damaged; he is only respected by those whom he has helped and by his best friend and scientific helper, Granville Woods (the African-American inventor who sued Thomas Edison for patent infringement and won!).

Tesla Invents Unreal Technology To Combat Paranormal Evil
Staying true to Tesla's wild mad science,
he will be inventing such things as this
Electro-Plasma Gun
After the death of Samuel's medium, Andrew, he reluctantly enlists the help of a young woman, something he had once sworn never to do again after a mishap during a previous case that he has been unable to forget. The relationship between he and the new medium promises to bring plenty more near-miss moments that will most certainly keep Samuel's nerves twisted.

Set in 1895, this comic tackles issues of this period—working with women, the existence of black scientists, and the political divide between the impoverished classes and the well-to-do. As a result, there are sure to be plenty of fisticuff moments, which the enemy in this series will likely use to his advantage—driving wedges between people and fueling hatred in order to wreak havoc and create a cover for his paranormal slayings. What I have read so far has been great, and I'm looking forward to more! Be sure to check out Boston Metaphysical Society and let me know what you think.

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