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YouTube Spotlight: The Key of Awesome

Posted by The Dace Man Thursday, September 12, 2013
Key of Awesome Lady Gaga
What is up Dacetacular F.A.N.?!?!? Chris "The Dace Man" Dace bringing you another installment of YouTube Spotlight! This week we go to the parody specialists The Key Of Awesome! The group is headed up by Mark Douglas and Todd Womack from barely political and the two comic geniuses write parodies poking fun at the top hits and their artists.  Ranging from Lady Gaga to Kesha and even young Miley and One Direction, the two have pumped out with the help of many others YouTube sensations! The group formed in 2009 when Mark Douglas and Ben Relles with their first video ever, Heavy Metal Cats, which has a total of 10.6 million views!!! A quarter of a million subscribers later and seventy six music videos the Key of Awesome is still going strong!  The group has even seen success when they went on tour to perform many of their hits. The musical talents come from the core duo Douglas and Womack but the majority of female voices, and once Beiber, come from Mark's wife Anastasia. The man behind the camera Tom Small has directed the vast majority of videos we enjoy on YouTube. The group has seen much success but outside the core four there have been other contributes to the gang that help boost popularity, some of which we may see in future installments of YouTube Spotlight here on Fanboys Anonymous!

The Key of Awesome Katy PerryThe group has hit huge success with their parodies of Ke$ha, played by the lovely Andrea Fczko,  and the always fun to play Lady Gaga, portrayed by the nerd goddess Lauren Francesca and lastly the Teenie Bop sensation Beieber presented by Jan Uckowski! The trio previously listed has stared in key roles for The Key of Awesome. Seeng some of the largest views the group has experience with their repeated portrayals of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Justin Beiber. Lauren Francesca out of the three holds the most apperances in Key of Awesome videos not only portraying Lady Gaga on numerous occasions but as well as other roles such as J Woww in the Jersey Shore Parody. Other re occuring roles have seen the infamous Bearded Nun! Though he lost his beard in the Lady Gaga Judas parody he was a key staple in the Key of Awesome franchise played by Michael Stevens. Two other main stays in the Key of Awesome line up are the mom and dad figures portrayed by Bricken Sparacino and Michael Birch. Oh and there's Jake....he shows up a lot to....

So check out the Key of Awesome on YouTube. Trust me you wont be disapointed.

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