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Happy Friday the 13th - Top 3 Best Jason Voorhees Movies List

Posted by The Dace Man Friday, September 13, 2013
Hey Hey Hey Dacetacular F.A.N.!! Chris "The Dace Man" Dace here to celebrate the first of two Friday the 13ths in the year 2013. Nothing says lets celebrate horror and the 13th more than having a camp fire. That's right yours truly will be sitting by a fire sipping hot chocolate and projecting Friday the 13th out side for a night of fun. You jelly bro? With that in mine it's time to run down my top 3 Jason Vorhees movies. Yeah top three ya heard?

Images of Jason Voorhees next Friday the 13th Movie spoilers

Slashing its way in at number 3. The original Friday the 13th

Watch Friday the 13th Movies Online Download TorrentThe original Friday the 13th hit theaters in 1980 and was directed by Sean S. Cunningham. Considered one of the first true slasher movies the franchise busted on the scene following a group of teenagers who are murdered while attempting to re-open an abandoned campground. The movie was prompted off the heels of John Carpenter's Halloween . The movie has gained approximately 39.7 million in gross profit on what is assumed a $550,000 budget. The film garnered mainly negative reviews upon its release but captured a huge cult following that is felt today. Now the reason I put this at number three, for all you butt hurt fans out there, technically Jason wasn't the killer in this film he made his debut in Part 2 to avenge his mother. So suck it. The film follows a murder who picks off the camp counselors one by one and is later revealed to be Mrs. Voorhees who is pretty upset her son was left to drown by previous camp counselors and clearly now she wants revenge. Best leave things abandoned that were abandoned right? Though Jason wasn't the one hacking up horny young adults in the original his mom took care of the dirty work. So technically this isn't a Jason movie but it does how ever set up a legacy that would pan out across 10 movies and for ever be held in the hearts of the cult horror followers as one of the big three and awesome ass kickers of slasher films!

Hacking its way in to Deep Space 2. Jason X

Nude Scenes from Friday the 13th MoviesNow I know what you're thinking..."Its a terrible movie Dace you are off your damn rocker!" Well you are correct I'm absolutely bat shit crazy but I really enjoy this movie and here's why. The movie is over the top and complete gory. Isnt the whole point to slasher films to be god awful but entertaining. Jason X does that 10 fold. The mere concept of Jason being in space is a hundred times better than a leprechaun in a hood. Jason terrorizes a space team that discovered his frozen ass and decided "Hey it might be a good idea to unfreeze the dude who has a huge criminal record and a machete....what's the worst that could happen?" The worst that could happen is your future gadgets made the dude with a lazy eye in to a jacked up Supper Shredder looking mofo. Big Daddy Diesel Kevin Nash has nothing on this guy. So enter pure entertainment. I love this film and there is no way I'm taking it down from this list. One of my all time favorite murder scenes in a slasher resides in this film. Big Poppa Pump Jason is walking through a Camp Crystal Lake simulation and finds two nude lesbians. I feel like that's a beginning of an awesomely bad joke. Long story short he puts em in a burlap sack and just keeps beating the two of them on a rock where all you hear are female yelps. Not to mention the awkward romance between that dude and the android. So Deal with it this is number 2.

Having the clash of the century at number 1. Freddy vs. Jason

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Now after writing an entire article dedicated to Mr. Voorhees you think I was a big fan of him right? Wrong. The reason Im doing an article based on Jason is because it's Friday the 13th. The true king of horror and my favorite slasher is sir Freddy Krueger. So when these two juggernauts when toe to toe in the 2003 slasher Freddy v.s. Jason I was pulling for the pervert on Elm Street. Don't get me wrong Jason is one of the kings of horror but Freddy brings a certain....what do you kids call it these days...Swag...to the horror scene. He busted onto the playing field in 84, and in his killing spree he hacked up Johnny Depp....that's a feather in his cap right there! Fred brought a new kind of murder to the big screen, the kind where he taunted you before you died. Jason was obviously the king of slow walking yet catching you death but Freddy was a pure genious who wanted to mess with you and possibly rape you prior to your death. So when these two squared up it was an interesting concept. They played it perfect. Freddy was forgotten and needed to be remembered in order to gain back his power, enter the log known as Jason to do his dirty work. Freddy said it perfect in the film "He'll get the blood but I'll get the glory.". The plan went perfect till Freddy realized once the dog is off the chain you cant stop him, so ring the bell and lets get it on! That's my top 3 Jason movies and yes my bias tone brought in Krueger deal with it. You don't like it tell me why?

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