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Week in Geek: September 5-11, 2013

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, September 11, 2013
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for this week


Rob Corddry wants to play the villain in Ant-Man, which is now moved up from November 6, 2015 to July 31, 2015 to get away from the 24th Bond film.

My take: With the horrible schedule, the lack of a confirmation that Hank Pym is even Ant-Man, and all the other problems going on with this, fuck it, let's have Rob Corddry play the villain. He could pull off serious, probably. It's not like this movie is going to be awesome anyway.

Along with the Alex Pettyfer, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Benedict Cumberbatch and other random rumors for Star Wars Episode 7 casting, two more names have popped up: Liam McIntyre and Ksenia Solo.

My take: At this point, it's getting beyond ridiculous. The likelihood that Ksenia Solo is playing the daughter of Han Solo is just laughable. It's the type of IMDB jump-to-conclusions-over-nonsense bullshit that we see all the time, like when every person is cast in a comic book movie and people think they're automatically playing a character from the comics. He has red hair and he's in a Spider-Man movie? HE MUST BE CARNAGE AAAAAH!!

Sir Ian McKellen will play Sherlock Holmes is an adaptation of "A Slight Trick of the Mind", a novel by Mitch Cullin.

My take: Sherlock Holmes, despite being such an old character, just keeps sticking around, doesn't it? Two TV shows are running at the moment about it, Robert Downey Jr. just had two fairly recent movies based on the character, etc. Hey, if that's what people want, give it to them. McKellen will be cool.

Another remake of The Island of Dr. Moreau in the works?

My take: I've personally never seen any adaptations (unless you count the parody on the Halloween episode of The Simpsons), but it sounds like an interesting story. Maybe I'll check this new one out.

David Tennant as Plastic Man in Justice League?

My take: Yeah right. I'll believe it when I see something concrete.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been pushed back a year from summer 2015 to summer 2016.

My take: If that's what they need to do, then they need to do it. Frankly, I thought the third one sucked so badly that I never saw the fourth.


The developers of Far Cry 3 are currently developing a Japanese-inspired RPG called Child of Light.

Sean Mitchell's take: Not only is the genre change surprising, but the unique art direction the game is taking as well.

FIFA 14's demo is now available for Xbox, PC and PS3.

Shaun Walker's take: This feels like a step backwards in the series. I, for one, have had enough of the same garbage EA feeds us every year. That's why I'm not making the switch to Pro Evo.


Three possible actors that could play The Flash on Arrow are Matt Barr, James Mackay and Grant Gustin according to Latino-Review.

My take: I've never heard of these guys before, so I have no real comment.

Cynthia Addai-Robinson will be playing Amanda Waller in Arrow season 2.

My take: She's certainly not the older, overweight type of character I was expecting, but I guess she'll do fine.

October 16th, 8 P.M. ET on ABC, there will be a Toy Story special called "Toy Story of Terror".

My take: Neat. I love the Toy Story movies, so I'll have to check this out.


Geoff Johns is leaving Aquaman in the hands of Jeff Parker (Thunderbolts).

My take: I've yet to check out his run on Aquaman but I've heard good things.


A rumor sprung up that Jack Nicholson is retiring from acting due to "memory loss", but it turned out that this was false.

My take: Glad to hear that it isn't true, as Nicholson's awesome, even if he does tend to play the same character in most of his films (but hey, a lot of actors do).

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