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Video Games Live: Level 3 Kickstarter

Posted by Ronnie Brown Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Hey, everyone! Even though I haven't gotten the chance to go to a show myself yet, I've been a big fan of Tommy Tallarico's Video Games Live concert series for years. Not too long ago, PBS sponsored a filming of the concert, which they later released on DVD and Blu-ray, and so far a few soundtrack albums have been released, including the filmed concert called Level 2.

For anyone who doesn't know about it or would like a refresher, Video Games Live brings a symphony orchestra and video games together, playing themes from a wide variety of games. But this isn't a typical symphony concert; clips from the games are shown during performances, lasers and other effects amplify the experience, and everyone just seems like they're having the time of their lives. It's more like symphony/rock concert experience.

Now that you're up to speed, the creators of Video Games Live want to go all out and create Level 3, another concert DVD/Blu-ray release with an accompanying album, currently set for release in February of 2014. A lot of exciting game additions have been announced, including Street Fighter II, Silent Hill 2, Skyrim, Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, and more. But they need a little help to make this all happen, so Tommy Tallarico created a Video Games Live Level 3 Kickstarter with a goal of $250,000 and the funding ends this Friday, September 13, at 9:20 AM Eastern time. Honestly, this campaign includes some really great rewards, from digital or physical copies of the album/concert video to digital conductor scores for different pieces and all the way up to a tour of Blizzard studios and actually having creative input in a Video Games Live segment for the big spenders.

As of this writing, they've collected about 91% of their goal- $228,844 out of $250,000. Fanboys Anonymous has no connection to this project and there's no incentive for me to promote it, but it's just something I'm really excited about and would love to see happen. Since the campaign is very close to its goal with so little time left, even a $5 donation could make a real difference at this point, so if Video Games Live: Level 3 is something you'd like to see happen as well, consider donating by Friday and spreading the word and hopefully we'll all be blown away early next year!

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Update: With over 24 hours left to go, the goal has been reached! If anyone who read this article donated at all, then I consider it a success. I can't wait until February!

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