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Xbox One: A New Generation of Disappointment

Posted by Nikki Monday, June 3, 2013
Hey Fanboys! So, a few days ago Microsoft made the new announcement of their most recent console to be released just in time for the Holidays, presenting it as the Xbox One. With much anticipation about what Microsoft was going to pull out of their sleeve, most of the rumors throughout the past few months have been rather unpleasant. So after looking into the details and watching what Microsoft had to offer, I am nothing short of disappointed. I decided to share what features I thought to be hindering factors of this console being any bit of a success.

Xbox Requires an internet connection. Here’s how it works: Every 24 hours your Xbox will try to connect to Microsoft’s servers for verification. If it is unable to connect, sucks to be you. You’re blocked from playing even single player games until it can connect. Sucks to suck.

Xbox One Assholes
Look at this smug ass bastard

Say goodbye to used or rented games, my friend. Every Xbox One game you purchase(by the way, new game prices are continuing to go up) be registered to your Xbox live account to be played. After that point it will only work for you. No one else can use it unless they decide to pay a fee. So, if you decide to take your favorite game to play at a friend's house, pop it in to their console, and the device will automatically check if the game is registered to said console. Well, you're out of luck! In order to play it, you have to pay Microsoft a fee, which is currently slated to be full retail price. It doesn't matter how cheap you got it at GameStop oe Best Buy. To Microsoft, that game would be considered NEW to the person you're wanting to share it with. Microsoft for a LICENSE to be allowed to play that game. Ouch.

Microsoft is wanting to add a feature that lets you trade in used games. This is rumored to mean that you can sell your digital license to play the game (registration) back to microsoft, likely for microsoft points. You can then trade in the game at GameStop for cash if you like(but you'll probably only get in-store credit). Either way, as it currently stands, the new owner would still have to pay a fee on top of the price of actually buying the physical copy.

Future Xbox One Concept Art
I will admit though, it does look pretty badass

Microsoft can prevent you from playing a used game if you didn’t pay their fee. Xbox one no longer plays games off the discs, you HAVE to install them to the hard-drive in order to play them. I believe PS3 also has you do this (on a number of games but not always it seems), except that PS3 isn’t trying to burn a hole in your wallet. It also seems according to the announcement and a few articles I've read, that Microsoft is adding the feature that you HAVE to be online to play any game on the Xbox One. Again, with the internet thing, sucks to suck.

The Kinect is always on. ALWAYS. Even with the console itself turned off, the microphone and camera installed in the Kinect will always be on. Kinda creepy, right? Get this. Apparently, if the Kinect somehow turns off or malfunctions, well, there goes the console.

An idea has been tossed around that by using this feature, it will allows game developers and movie produces to set a limited amount of how many people can be allowed to view the entertainment. So, if you are a bunch of friends want to sit and watch a movie and chill, and say there are five of you watching. If more people come over to watch, the Kinect will detect more than five people, shut off until the people leave or you have to pay a fee. Just get Netflix.

And the two final things that bothered me: The Xbox One will NOT be backwards compatible and it will not be compatible with ANY current headsets. Now, not being able to play any 360 games isn't really much of a shock, but still another money-grubbing annoyance. Say goodbye to GameStop, and expect some price gouging on those headsets. As if they weren't expensive already.

With that being said, nothing else will really be said or confirmed until E3, but everything I have seen so far has been nothing but a let down. Please, spare your wallets and do not buy this console. No matter how awesome that exclusive game is, it will only end up being more trouble than it's worth, and only benefiting the greedy anti-consumers that is Microsoft. And with that, I'm Nikki Mills, and I am a fan girl.

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