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Review of Hiimdaisy Comic: Persona 4

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, June 4, 2013
I am not much of a comic book guy, but this comic on Tumblr caught my attention because it is based on one of my favorite video games of all time, Persona 4. I don't know much about Hiimdaisy or her work, but from what I am seeing on the web her work with this comic as well as others are very popular to those who are fans of the series. This comic is truly amazing for what there is of it, even though only 35-40 percent of the game was covered in it. This comic got multiple fan dubs on YouTube, but there is one by StrawberryCreme26 that makes the comic 100 times better and I highly recommend that if you were going to choose to either read it or watch it.

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This picture alone pretty much sums up the whole game.
Obviously this comic will give away tons of spoilers, but it will provide a very good laugh as well. It has a very nice blend of humor that makes fun of certain parts within the game and makes fun of the characters throughout the comic. And it is a shame that this will most likely will never be finished as Hiimdaisy has posted that it will be put on indefinite hiatus because of other projects. She has also stated that she probably wouldn't finish it because she isn't very interested in the game anymore. I have shown the fan-dubbed version of it to my family and my girlfriend, who none of them have an interest into the game or comics, and they all enjoyed it. This to me shows how good it is because even those who don't have a clue what is going on can grasp the jokes that this comic can show.

Overall if you are a fan of Persona 4 this is a must see. There are a lot of inside jokes that some people who have yet to play the game will understand, but it is nothing that will leave you scratching your head. Now I must give credit where it is due for the dubbed version of the comic. The voice acting and the presentation of it is truly remarkable. If you want to watch the dubbed version on YouTube click the link here. Go check out Hiimdaisy's other stuff on tumblr or on other parts of the web. I bet you won't be disappointed. I am going to end this post with a page from the comic.. enjoy.

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