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Hello Fanboys it was a whole lot of fun for us gamers to build up to this past week's E3 even now wasn't it? This is an article (and video) on my favorite major announcements and moments from this years event.

mega man confirmed for super smash bros for wii u 3ds

Nintendo Direct was held on the morning of Tuesday, June 11th during which they showed off a multitude of different titles including but not limited to Pokemon X and Y, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, etc.

mario kart 8 gameplay

They closed the presentation in the biggest way they could with the unveiling of "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U". In an epic trailer we seen newcomer the Villager from Animal Crossing getting his invitation to Smash in the mail. While many familiar faces come back for another round. The usual veterans like Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Fox, Samus, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Pit make their return to the series as they combat with each other and a debuting Villager.

animal crossing villager ssb4 nintendo

After the initial title card flashed by and year of release was shown, an alarm sounds off warning us that a "challenger is approaching" in which we see Mega Man light up atop of a mountain and enter battle. As true to original Mega Man as we could get everything they showed about him is what we all hoped he would play out in this franchise if we was to ever be included. In my opinion Mega Man has been given the best character reveal in Smash Brothers to date.

mega man ssb4 mario nintendo capcom

In another shocker on of E3 another video in regards to Smash Brothers was shown. During which they revealed the Wii Fit Trainer as a newcomer to the game as well. Quite a shock and she's surely this  generation's ROB or Game and Watch when it comes to bizarre character choice and play style.

wii fit trainer playable ssb4 nintendo

In other big news Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV is well on it's way and due to this Kingdom Hearts III is also in development. A shocking revelation to the franchise's many adoring fans (including myself) who have been just begging for a direct second sequel to the franchise. A very brief teaser trailer was shown highlighting moments from past games and Sora discovering a Keyblade on Destiny Islands. In it's final moments the trailer appears to show a new battle system as Sora fends off an enormous horde of Heartless in Twilight Town.

Kingdom Hearts III KH3 Sora battle

For more on my over all thoughts and opinions on E3 and my favorites from the event please watch the video below!

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