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Microsoft Xbox One: Bad Publicity, Bad PR, Bad Practice!

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Since Microsoft's big reveal, fans have been in an uproar about the new next-gen console, Xbox One. Fans have been vocal about Microsoft's practices, screaming that the company doesn't care about its fanbase.

So what's the problem? Why is everyone getting so angry about this?

It all spawned from Microsoft's big reveal and alleged rumors about the Xbox One's stance on preowned gaming. A pay wall would be introduced if you wanted to lay a loaned or second-hand game.

Microsoft quickly went on the defensive, stating that the story was pure speculation and that they would be releasing a statement on this matter in time, clarifying what you can and cannot do with the console.

Microsoft Xbox One: Bad Publicity, Bad PR, Bad Practice! on

As you can see, the console differs greatly from its predecessor, making Kinect and 24-hour internet authentication mandatory. This left gamers justified in their anger. Microsoft's answer to this? "Buy a 360".

This statement infuriated gamers as people wanted to know why Microsoft initiated these practices. A further statement was released, stating that Microsoft was not responsible for limiting pre-owned gaming and that it was up to the developers if they would allow it.
Microsoft have yet to clarify their stance on this, giving fans a runaround on the issue and even getting angry with interviewers such as Angry Joe.
Microsoft would follow this bad practice by allegedly having one of their employees attend a Nintendo Best Buy event in a rather ludicrous attempt to promote their console. This did not sit well with fans, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of hardcore gamers. The company has yet to comment on this, causing the rumors and speculation to continue.
With this and other mistakes being made, I would suggest that Microsoft fire the PR company involved in promoting the new Xbox One and speak with their fans about DRM and the Xbox One. Give the fans a choice. Allow them to be a part of the process. It will allow the company to save face and give fans a chance to feel more positively about the company. By reacting to the negative stigma with negative intervention, the company has done nothing more than infuriate fans further and thus increase the gap between itself and Sony by literally handing the company its once loyal followers. For more gaming news, check out the resident video game podcast for Fanboys Anonymous—I Got Gameplay—which will be debuting its new live show format Saturday at 8 p.m. on Mega Powers Radio.

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