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Did I Change my Mind about Man of Steel?

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, June 18, 2013
This is the conclusion of my last article "Is Man of Steel Going to Change my Opinion" and I shall tell you why it didn't.

Please note this is based on my opinion. If yours is different than mine and you actually enjoyed this movie, please let me know why in the comments.

As you may of read previously, I was a big fan of the first two Superman movies and Superman Returns. I enjoyed the storytelling and destruction of Krypton, but with this new film, I was skeptical about those things as well as the new suit.

The Bad Points (and there's a lot of these)

The plot of the story is that General Zod wants some sort of  DNA thing called the Codex so he can rebuild Krypton, but we later find out that Jor El has embedded it into Superman's own DNA. Zod attempts to turn Earth into Krypton, and I'm feeling a sense of deja vu for Superman and Superman Returns. Yawn.

The first 10-20 minutes of this movie, I thought I was watching Star Wars meets Avatar with all these flying bug things and laser beams in the background. They actually put the Star Wars Wilhelm Scream into the movie, too, but that comes later on. For a doomed planet, Krypton looks really healthy at first.

Superman Man of Steel Krypton Concept Art Design
New Krypton Looks very Star Wars

Through snippets of flashbacks of Clark's childhood, we see the death of Jonathan Kent, which was handled so poorly it made me laugh.

On top of this, the whole movie felt like it was on fastforward.

Henry Cavill as Superman (even though he is only Clark Kent for about 10 minutes) and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent were the only characters I enjoyed and the only actors I thought did their jobs well.

I thought Morpheus as Perry White was so distracting, especially when he's trying to save one of his employees from a collapsed building. I was thinking to myself "where is Neo"?

Whose bright idea was it to cast Amy Adams as Lois? I couldn't get past the red hair. Lois should always be a brunette.

What the hell were Zod and his goons wearing? It looked like something from Gears of War. Also, Zod's death was a big letdown.

I missed hearing the classic Superman theme as well.

                                                    Love this theme and should of been somewhere in the 
      movie even at the credits would of been fine to pay homage 

What did I actually like?

The Superman suit looked cool and very modern. I liked the one in Superman Returns, but this looked good even though there was hardly any yellow.

The action was superb and Superman ACTUALLY PUNCHES people, which was epic.

For the brief amount of time that Henry Cavill was Clark, he was really good, and it's a shame that we didn't get to see more of this side of the character (but as I said, fast-forward mode).

The cameo of Lexcorp made me smile, as did when Clark put on his glasses.

Download Superman Man of Steel Online Free Pirate Bay
I like the new symbol of hope 
All in all, it was a big disappointment to me. This is now my least favorite Superman movie. I now realize why Superman was left out of the movie title, because this film doesn't deserve to have Superman in its name.

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