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Young Avengers #2 Review

Posted by Unknown Friday, March 1, 2013
Young Avengers #1 was admittedly a very nice opening issue for the series. Offering a great look into each of the individual characters and accompanied by a stylistically appealing presentation, the book was a pleasure to read for me, especially considering that I was going in blind.

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Young Avengers #2 is a bit of a slow-down compared to the opening issue. Focusing on just three characters and one plot-line, I was a little disappointed at not seeing the likes of any of the other characters. Though there is a very small hint of them near the end, it is nowhere near enough to the unity of the book that I was expecting.

In any case, we find ourselves following the adventures of Hulkling, Wiccan, and Loki in this issue. The story suffers a bit from pacing problems. Parts of the story felt rushed, while other parts felt unnecessarily drawn out. The tail end of the book is particularly confusing, especially, I suspect, for new readers with no prior experience with any of the characters.

In any case, aesthetically, the book looks fantastic. There is attention to small details that I took notice of which really made the overall experience a little more enjoyable. The little "tumblr" page at the beginning of the issue was a nice touch and really gives the book a very youthful and hip feel.

Young Avengers really isn't starting to feel like an "Avengers" book... At least not yet. The team hasn't been assembled, and it seems that characters are dealing with each of their own problems independently for now. This book certainly isn't a very strong one for the series, but it has no doubt kept my attention with the stunning visuals. I look forward to seeing what these youngsters have to offer in future installments.

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Score: 7/10

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