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Witch Doctor Mal Practice #4 Review

Posted by Unknown Friday, March 1, 2013
It seems like an eternity since the last issue of Witch Doctor Mal Practice hit the shelves, and it will, no doubt, feel like another eternity before we see another issue following the current book. In any case, let's live a little in the present and talk about this week's installment of the series: Witch Doctor Mal Practice #4!

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As is the usual trend, this issue picks up right where the last one left off. Eric is seemingly in trouble but somehow manages to magic his way out of it. Perhaps I should pause here and make my one complaint about this book. I do not think it is explained anywhere (or even hinted at) how Eric manages to conjure up this mystical power that saves his life. There's really no mention of it at all for the rest of the book. Maybe it's a developing plot point? Most likely, but an acknowledgment or a hint would have been nice.

As the story continues, we get some really great albeit short character development, especially for Penny. We also see Eric and the loyalty that he has developed for the good doctor and the lengths at which he will go to save his life. Guiding the doctor's astral form through his own body to eradicate a parasite is pretty intense.

Aside from the minor plot point that I felt could have been approached a little bit more clearly, Witch Doctor Mal Practice #4 offers everything readers have been enjoying for the past year: beautiful artwork, dark humor, and a gripping set of characters. Sure, this is maybe one of the weaker books of the mini-series, but even that isn't holding it back all that much. Just look at the score!

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Score: 9/10

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