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X-Men Legacy (2013) #7 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Yet another comic that I haven't really given a chance since recently is the Marvel NOW! rendition of X-Men Legacy. The story is centered around David Haller, who is the omega-level mutant son of the late Charles Xavier. Throughout the series, David, also known as Legion, attempts to find a way to control his powers, which are split between a couple hundred multiple personalities.

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That alone makes for quite an interesting tale. When combined with the brilliant storytelling of Simon Spurrier and the artwork of Tan Eng Huat, David's story is a compelling emotional journal wrought with exciting twists and turns. Unfortunately, X-Men Legacy #7 was admittedly not that exciting. After the close of the arc ending in the last issue, the plot explored in this book seemed a little flat. Sure, the writing is there, but it stands as a foundation for a story that is altogether not that exciting. The "romance" between David and Blindfold is a little bit of a stretch at this point and seemed very forced. That being said, the possibility was certainly there; I just feel like it should have taken longer to progress as far as it did in this issue.

What's a story about personal growth without a hint of it in the book? Well, I imagine it would be something like this. Sure, there's obviously the romantic aspect of it all, but, as previously stated, I found the execution of it a little off. Aside from that, we don't see David using any new powers nor do we gain any additional insight into the appearance of Xavier in his psyche. We are almost exactly where we started at the beginning of the issue, and that is not something you usually want.

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Score: 3/10

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