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Ultimate Comics Wolverine (2013) #1 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 13, 2013
When Ultimate Comics Wolverine was announced about a month ago, I think a lot of people sort of had a "really?" type of moment. If you're not familiar with the Ultimate Universe in Marvel, Wolverine has been dead for quite some time. Announcing this title meant that either A) they were bringing Wolverine back from the dead or B) they were telling a story from the past. Either way, the series didn't seem too appealing.

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Well, color me red, because I'm embarrassed (and relieved) to say that's it's neither of those! Ultimate Comics Wolverine is shaping up to be a tale about not only the late Wolverine but also his son, Jimmy Hudson. The story follows an "unfinished family business" sort of plot line, which plays in perfectly with the fact that Jimmy never really knew his father. This type of a story not only gives us a little more time with our favorite adamantium-laced mutant, but it also moves the current story forward and develops a previously untouched character.

The writing by Cullen Bunn is spot-on with the characters he uses. On the other hand, David Messina's work is a departure from the more "traditional" look of most characters. Jimmy and Kitty Pryde quite frankly don't look anything like they've looked like in past Ultimate books, and I haven't really decided whether or not I like that. Messina's drawings are top-notch, with very expressive faces and portrayal of body language, but I feel a tad bit thrown off my just how different the characters look.

Overall, what started out as a reluctant read turned into an all-too-short one. Ultimate Comics Wolverine manages to set up a very nice plot that'll give readers insight into present and past characters alike. This isn't what I thought it was going to be, and, boy, am I glad about that!

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Score: 9.5/10

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