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Sylveon: The Next Eeveelution of Eevee

Posted by Unknown Sunday, February 17, 2013
About a week ago today, the newest Eevee evolution and Pokemon from the 6th Generation was released to the public: Sylveon. We didn't know it's name translated in English until February 14th but we got the first look at some pictures of the Pokemon on the 11th. As of this article, Sylveon's type hasn't been revealed, but that is one of the things we'll speculate about in this article. So far, we've seen some videos of a few of the attacks it will know as well as multiple pictures of the little guy but that is all. Regardless of how much of this article will be speculation, that is half the fun of these kinds of things so let's jump right into that.

Sylveon confirmed type revealed

The first thing we are going to do is speculate a little bit on what type the Sylveon may be in the 6th generation Pokemon games X and Y. I think there are 3 realistic options here for what it might be with one sticking out a little more than the other two. They are all new types to the Eeevee family at least for the evolutions, and they all have solid reasoning behind them.

1) Ghost Type: See those eyes? Those soul less pools of teal blue? They're scary if this thing is a Ghost type. Sure, if it is just a standard normal or flying type Pokemon then it is no big deal. Its eyes are just pretty baby blue and this thing is cute. But imagine for a moment that it is the first Ghost-type Eevee Evolution. Imagine this thing with a terrifying maniacal look on it's face. Those eyes empty and pupilless. Those teeth, that face. This thing is a monster when looked at in the right light. Then again, the cutest things can sometimes be the most terrifying.

2) Flying Type: Another would be brand new type to the Eevee Evolutionary line. The ribbons that are coming out of Sylveon's bow could come out to be some type of wings allowing it to fly about It would be interesting to have your Eevee evolve into the Pokemon you could spend your Fly HM on as well so it would serve a purpose on any team trying to become the champion in Pokemon X and Y regardless of it's to be determined stats. One of the big factors causing me to lean towards Sylveon potentially being a Flying type is the fact that it's color scheme and overall appearance are very reminiscent of the Mistralton Gym Leader Skyla from Pokemon Black and White who happens to be the Flying Type Gym Leader. Coincidence? Probably, but it's a good enough reason to speculate on regardless. Plus alot of Pokemon particularly members of the Eevee family's types have been determined by their color patterns. Look at every Eevee evolution before this one. They were all typed based off their appearance or their appearance fit their type. Jolteon was Yellow and Lightning. Vaporeon was Water and Blue. Flareon was Red and Fire. Umbreon was Dark and Black. Espeon was Pink/Purple and Psychic. Leafeon was Green and Grass, and Glaceon was Blue and Ice. So if this Pokemon follows this pattern it will either be Flying or...

3) Normal Type: The most likely of the potential types to me is Sylveon. Look at that bow, look at the adorable appearance. This thing screams normal type. I know some of you are saying but Eevee is a normal type why would Eevee evolve into another normal type?! That ruins the beauty of elemental evolutions! and I kind of agree with you. But to the naysayers  I say hey! Maybe that is what makes Sylveon unique? We haven't even heard how Eevee evolves into this new evolution yet so let's give it a chance first. I'm going to attach some photos I got off now that further suggest Sylveon is indeed a normal type Pokemon. In this images it is using swift attack, a fire type move, and what appears to be  tri attack. Anyone that has been following Pokemon since the beginning knows that these are traits characteristic of a normal type Pokemon. Regardless of whatever type Sylveon ends up being though I will give the People at the Pokemon Company and Nintendo the benefit of the doubt until we see what they have in store. They rarely let the diehard Pokemon fans down.

Sylveon type confirmed 6th generation PokemonSylveon confirmed type 6th generation PokemonSylveon type confirmed 6th generation PokemonSylveon confirmed type 6th generation.

Will there be a movie tie in to the next Pokemon movie Extremespeed Genesect and Mewtwo's Awakening? Maybe. We haven't gotten any word yet if there will be any 6th Generation Pokemon in that movie or if it will be the last of the 5th generation movies, but knowing Pokemon they will slip something in the middle of the end. Also being an Eevee evolution this Pokemon is going to get marketed hard, so I wouldn't doubt it. Will it see competitive play in the video games or card game? As far as the card game that is literally a crap shoot as some obscure odd Pokemon have seen competitive play in the past like Muk, Dodrio, Weezing,  etc. So you can never count out any Pokemon having a playable card. The most recent Eeveelutions are all decent and the Eevee even has a built in search attack for it's evolutions so I could definetly see it seeing fringe play in a tier 2 deck at the very least in combination with the other Eeveelutions. As for the video game I don't see it making much of a splash at all. Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Espeon  have stood the test of time as the only Pokemon so far in the Eevee family to be used competitively and normal Pokemon usually get the bad end of the stick as far as moves, being bad against popular types and in this things case more than likely having zero bulk like a Snorlax or Blissey. So no I don't see it being competitive on the VGC scene.

All in all we don't really know alot about Sylveon yet. In the next few months leading up to the big worldwide release of Pokemon X and Y we will learn all kinds of things about many of the new 6th generation Pokemon including Sylveon. Most of this article was speculation but hopefully we get some more news on the newest member of the Eevee family in the next few weeks. There is alot going on in the Pokemon world right now and it is honestly an exciting time for Pokemon fans. Another movie was announced recently Extremespeed Genesect and Mewtwo's Awakening. Our next English set for the TCG Plasma Freeze was announced yesterday. X and Y have a worldwide release date in October and we are learning more and more about the 6th generation every few days. So there will be plenty for me to write about and plenty for you to read. Thanks for reading :)

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