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JLA/Avengers Review

Posted by The Dace Man Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Avengers V.s. Justice League
Evening Dace-itonians!! Chris "The Dace Man" Dace here with another article for you FanBoys! Every once in a while there is an event so awesome that even the legendary Barney Stinson is left speechless. This had the potential and title to be one. It pits Marvel's Superhero Squad versus The DC universe's power houses. Justice League of America squares up against The Avengers for the first nerdgasim of the 22nd century. Kurt Busiek hot off of a stint writing for The Avengers undertook this monumental task of taking two of the largest groups in the FanBoys nation and pitting them against each other. Was it a success? Lets take a look.

Considering the Marvel Universe takes place on an Earth that is exactly like ours, geographically, and the DC universe takes place on a slightly larger planet with cities that do not exist on our planet, Busiek had the task of making the two power groups cross paths. Enter The GrandMaster and Krona. Krona an exiled Oan is hell bent on finding the answer of who was present at the time of the Big Bang, which happen to be Marvel's behemoth....Galactus. In an effort to sway the attention of Krona, The Grandmaster concocted a plan to pit his Universe Ultimate heroes v.s. a team of Krona's choosing. The team of the Justice League was selected and seeing the confidence of the Grandmaster, Krona switches teams. The GrandMaster then informs the JLA they must collect 12 of the most powerful items from both universes (The six DC items are the Spear of Destiny; the Book of Eternity; the Orb of Ra; the Psycho Pirate's Medusa Mask; the Bell, Jar and Wheel of the Demons Three; and the Green Lantern Power Battery of Kyle Rayner. The six Marvel items are the Ultimate Nullifier; the Evil Eye of Avalon; the Wand of Watoomb; the Casket of Ancient Winters; the Cosmic Cube; and the Infinity Gems.) His ally Metron, to make things interesting, tells The Avengers they must stop the Justice League in order to save the universe. So begins the fight.

After much fighting and the awesome Team-up of Batman and Cap, the two teams eventually team up to take on Krona. This leads to one of the most Iconic pictures in comic history, Superman holding Mj√∂lnir and Cap's Shield. An epic battle ensues in the fourth and final book. To me it was an awesome read cause I love the idea of the two power teams actually squaring up and teaming up. I feel as if though it could have been longer and wish Marvel and DC would have struck a deal to have The Avengers and JLA  series to build up to this Mega Cross over. Definitely worth a read....don't know if its worth the asking price of Amazon.com though, (10$+per volume or around 60$ for the collection, for those interested).

Superman With Caps Shield

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