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Windows 8: Y u h8?

Posted by Unknown Sunday, January 20, 2013
Just when old people were getting used to their Windows 7, or hell, even their Windows XP, Windows has to go ahead and make a brand new operating system. I feared the day when Windows 8 would be released for many reasons, but especially because of the amount of stupid questions and teaching I'd have to do.

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As many people may know, I work for Geek Squad. This means that I need to be up-to-date and familiar with all things tech. So to get acquainted with Windows 8 before its imminent release, I downloaded the beta. But before the release of the beta, many people had their doubts that Windows 8 would a good operating system. Why? How could they have doubts without even using the OS for themselves? See the picture below.

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Funny, but accurate. Windows was set up to fail, so it seemed. So, what did I think of the beta? It was SHIT. It felt and looked very cheap. The things they borrowed, or straight up stole, from Apple and Linux left me to believe that Windows can't do anything original anymore. The new Start Menu felt clunky and obviously designed for a touch interface. How could this possibly be enjoyable to people who use a good old fashioned mouse?

windows y u do dis meme
Made with  the Meme-Generator app for Windows 8.
I fiddled with it, learned what I needed to learn, and re-installed Ubuntu on my old laptop. I would try not to even think about Windows 8 until the release. I felt disgusted that I would have to work with this over the next few years. I sure as hell would never use it for myself. I'd sticking to Windows 7 and Linux, and that's that. But just for the hell of it, I purchased a copy of it when it was on sale. Just in case...

Recently, a friend of mine bought a Windows 8 computer and tried to install recording software to record music. This was no surprise. New operating systems, off the bat, are rarely compatible with various types of software and even hardware. So out of the kindness of my of my ice cold, blackened from being frostbitten heart, I gave them my last copy of Windows 7 that was currently installed on my desktop.

The day had come. My heartbeat beat heavily in my chest as I opened the optical drive's disc tray and inserted the 64 bit Windows 8 installation disc. I almost wasted my body's water and salt from a single tear drop as I completed the start up process. I felt like I buried my favorite dog and immediately signed adoption papers for an annoying, yappie, lapdog.

My mood started to lighten as I began customizing my account. I set up my lock screen picture, password, picture password, pin number. I browsed and downloaded apps from the app store. I organized my live tiles to my liking, which actually took some time and effort. After a few hours of using Windows 8 for myself and for the things I wanted to use it for, I didn't feel so terribly about this OS as I previously did. I realized that the beta I based my opinion on was unfinished. Sure, Windows still looks cheap and clunky, but with a little time and customization, it's really not bad.

nick abrams start menu windows 8
My Start Menu.

The Start Menu is no longer a little pop-up menu. It's now the base of the user experience. Designed for a touch interface, like a tablet or even a touch screen monitor. Like Apple, the Start Menu has its own app store. These apps appear on the Start Menu in the form of "tiles." Some of these tiles have a feature that show real time updates. Those tiles are referred to as "live tiles." Quite handy in such apps as the "Mail" and "Messaging" app.

For the people who don't have a touch screen, Microsoft added a series of keyboard functions to make it easier for those users. It's not all that difficult to use a mouse and keyboard. And the new OS may seem complicated and confusing, but take some time to learn it. It's actually an easier OS to learn than previous versions of Windows was for new users. For instance, if you need to find something, a file or settings feature, just simple start typing what you're looking for when viewing the Start Menu.

And for people are reading this and haven't used Windows 8 and think that Windows 8 is just the new Start Menu, fear not. There is still the familiar old Desktop. There's still the familiar old File Explorer. It is basically Windows 7, but they took the Start Menu and made it the main interface for the user. It's easier to navigate and more useful in ways than the old Start Menu.

In my opinion, Windows 8 is a fun operating system. There is a lot of customization involved to tailor it to your needs and wants. It's not the monstrosity that I once thought it was. There are a lot of negative reviews online about the new OS. This is one of the few positive reviews. All I can say is, this is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. But don't be afraid of Windows 8 like I was. It's very easy to pick up and learn to use. At the very least, go to your local Best Buy and try it out. See for yourselves if you like it. If you don't, stick to your older version of Windows, Mac OS, or Linux and hope that the next version of Windows doesn't suck.

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