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Uncanny X-Force #1 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Throughout the years, mutant-kind has experienced a great number of hardships. From massacre, to genocide, to decimation, mutants have been through it all. Recent events haven’t been any less brutal, and there are characters that have (literally) been through Hell and back. These things change people, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Then there’s the kind of change that is neither for the better nor for the worse; it’s an uncertain shade of gray. Enter Uncanny X-Force.

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Writer Sam Humphries opens Uncanny X-Force #1 with a line that sets the tone for the whole series: “Betsy Braddock was the kind of mutant who could never have nice things.” Right from the beginning we are thrust into the action, seeing a vivid and dynamic panel with Psylocke holding Spiral hostage in a nightclub. We immediately are brought into a series of flashbacks that explains the current situation. After having been “kicked out” of the Jean Grey School, Wolverine subtly directs Psylocke on a covert mission. She then teams up with Storm to meet up with their contact, Puck, and the mutant-drug-busting action ensues.

I think a lot of people would describe this book as “hectic,” and I would wholeheartedly agree. That being said, I think “hectic” is just the kind of thing that a book like this needs. It’s a good kind of disorder. The characters highlighted in Uncanny X-Force have been beaten down and come out fighting even stronger. The book has a gritty feel about it and is a departure from your typical “save the day” sort of superhero book. The art, by Ron Garney, complements the feel of this book perfectly. The use of negative space, shadows, coloring, and framing give you the very distinct impression of a dark underbelly of the so-called “good guys.”

Perhaps my only complaint about this book is the fact that at the very tail end of the book, the plot quickly jumps to two other seemingly separate plots with other characters. Obviously, they will tie in somehow, but there is really no hint as to how that will come to be. The changes of scene detract from the story that initially draws the reader in and results in the book ending on a somewhat confusing note. This is a bad kind of disorder.

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Still, this first issue of Uncanny X-Force is a nice start to the series. The writing and the artwork are strong and complement each other. For the most part, the writing style sets a unique tone to the book, and I look forward to seeing what else Humphries and Garney have to offer in future issues.

Score: 8.5/10

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