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Borderlands 2 Pirates DLC Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, October 31, 2012
"There aint no rest for the wicked." This is definitely true when you're talking about the team at Gearbox. Not only did they make one excellent game with a bunch of awesome downloadable content, they made a better game and already released their first out of four DLC package. There's more guns, more loot, more shields, and more mods, not to mention more epic bosses who drop some pretty incredible rare items. Oh, and more Easter eggs and references.

We find ourselves in a new area of the violent, barren wasteland that is the planet Pandora, only there's something different. WTF, is that a treasure chest...? Yep, that's definitely a treasure chest. Oh, holy crap it's spewing out thousands of dollars! I'M RICH, BITCH! And the gun mounted vehicles have been replaced with hover boats?! Weird.

This DLC has a Borderlands style pirate theme. As most people know, pirates are in it for that booty. That sweet, thick booty. Mmmm...booty. Where was I? Oh, right. We're done looking for vaults. Now we're on a mission to find us some hidden buried treasure. But we're not doing it alone! We're getting our missions from a very lovely, slightly twisted pirate named Captain Scarlet who has a mechanical peg leg and hook for a hand. She promises to split the treasure with us when we find it. And for some reason, I have the strange feeling that she aims to stab us in the back and try to keep the treasure for herself. Hmm...I wonder why.

So you made level cap at level 50. What challenges could Gearbox possibly give you to make the game any more fun? Well, unless you've stopped playing the game, you've noticed by now that they have added a new game mode called "True Vault Hunter Mode" which makes all of the enemies' levels higher and more suited to your particular level, making them harder to kill. So, not only does this make replaying the game to get all of the goodies you may have missed more exciting, it makes the DLC challenging without having to raise the level cap. Oh, right, I didn't mention that did I? It's not a bad thing though. They plan on raising the level cap in the next DLC, which is due out in two weeks. That means the next DLC is going to be more difficult. With higher difficultly comes better equipment.

Borderlands 2 is a game that is most fun playing with friends, but it isn't a must. If you haven't picked the game up, you should most definitely do that. Don't feel like it's too late. People will be playing this game for a while. Although Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II is right around the corner, I honestly believe that people will revisit this game. I know I certainly will, especially with the DLC that is due to come out soon. Borderlands 2 is sure to be some of the most fun you've ever had playing a first-person shooter and a total must buy in my opinion.

Happy vault hunting, friends!

Borderlands 2 DLC Pirates Downloadable Content

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