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Must Watch Horror Movies for Halloween 2012

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, October 31, 2012
It's Halloween.  Time to watch some scary movies!  Tired of watching the same old (but not bad) movie marathons on TV?  Here's a list of must watch films from yours truly.  <3

Most of these movies can be found on Netflix.  I'm going to just assume that the majority of people reading this have a Netflix account.  If you don't, seriously... what are you doing with your life?  Get on it!

Tucker & Dale vs Evil
This isn't exactly a scary movies, but it is gory as hell!  Tucker and Dale are two (kind of) normal hillbilly redneck guys who buy a fix-r-up vacation home.  They plan on having a nice time working on the house in peace, but when a group of teens suspect them of being murderous psychopaths, things take a turn for the worst.  To be honest, this movie can be considered a comedy with tons of blood and guts.  If you're a fan of Shaun of the Dead, you will absolutely love this movie.

The Thing
One of my most favorite movies and the reason I fell in love with special effects makeup/puppeteering.  It's something that is rare in cinema these days, in a world full of computer generated special effects.  Scientists stationed on Antarctica encounter a shape-shifting alien being that unknowingly infects and takes over the bodies of the group.  When anyone can be the monster, who can you trust?  The movie inspired many horror movie and sci-fi film makers and has even inspired an episode of the X-files ("Ice" season 1 episode 8).

Session 9
Fans of psychological horror, you have probably already seen this.  For the rest of you, this movie will give you chills to the bone.  A team of asbestos removers take a job cleaning an old abandoned psychiatric hospital.  Some of the team start to uncover things about one of the patients who was treated at the hospital.  But there's something more going on when members of the team start going missing.  Watch this movie in the dark.

The Innkeepers
The two remaining employees of a century old hotel are tasked with working the last weekend before the old hotel closes.  The hotel is nearly empty, harboring only two guest.  The employees are believers in the old stories of the hotel being haunted and decide to try their hand at ghost hunting in the nearly vacant building.  This movie will make you think twice before taking a bath in a hotel bathroom.

Apartment 143
After the death of his wife, a father of two moves to a new apartment to escape being haunted by his estranged wife.  But when the haunting continues after moving, he hires a team of paranormal investigators to spend a few nights in his house to video tape and study the activity and do what they can to make it stop.  Truths of the relationship between the mother and the rest of her family are uncovered.  Fans of Paranormal Activity will fall in love with this movie.

Lovely Molly
Molly just got married.  Her mother left the newlyweds her childhood home after she died.  Molly's memories of her dead, abusive father start to come back to haunt her in more ways than one.  She steadily starts to lose grip on her sanity and begins acting quite peculiar to say the least.  Don't watch this movie if you life in a wooded area... or if you like horses.

The Ward
From horror legend John Carpenter, who brought us Halloween, comes this tail of a young woman who is sent away to a mental hospital.  Upon arrival, she's haunted by something dark.  Soon her fellow patients begin to disappear mysteriously.  There's just something about cute crazy girls in hospital gowns...

The Caller
When Mary breaks up with her abusive boyfriend and gets her own apartment, she begins receiving strange phone calls from an old woman who claims to be the resident of the same apartment she lived in.  And also claims that she still lives in the apartment... in the past.  When Mary confronts the woman caller and tells her to prove it, things in the apartment start to change, old drawings on the wall start showing up. The woman just wanted to be friends, but Mary wanted to be left alone.  So, The woman will make Mary pay.

Do you love "found footage" style movies?  Don't mind reading subtitles?  Great, because you're going to dig this movie.  A family goes on vacation to their old vacation home, deep in the woods, and equipped with a labyrinth in the back yard.  The oldest son decides to do a school project on the old ghost stories about the labyrinth using video cameras and help from his little sister.  One night the family dog goes missing.  The children search the labyrinth for him the next day and... well, if you love dogs, you may just cry.  But what really happened?  Watch as the children uncover what kind of force is really behind the activity in the labyrinth.

Dread isn't a scary movie, but it is pretty damn good.  College students set out to do a study on fear for a school project.  But the one who has the idea to start up the study has a secret about his past, a fear, that he keeps secret.  When he dumps his meds down the drain, he starts losing his mind.  Eventually he starts bringing the fears of some of his interviewees to life.

Again, not a scary movies, but fun for Halloween.  This is a zombie movie that is set in the point of view of the zombies.  To them, nothing has changed except for the fact that everyone is moving in high speed and seem afraid of them.  And to everyone else, they're brain dead flesh eating zombies.  If you're in the mood for a funny zombie movies, watch it.  Maybe it's just me, but when you see the zombies from the human point of view, you'll die laughing.

Henry:  A Portrait of a Serial Kill
Based on actual events, Michael Rooker portrays the mass serial murderer named Henry Lee Lucas.  This is a man who has killed over 300 people.  Henry seems to be a normal guys just trying to make a living and get his life back together, but there is something far more sinister behind those cold dark eyes.  Known as one of the most disturbing films of all time, this should definitely be on your list of movies to watch on this Halloween night.

Lake Mungo
This is a documentary style film following the investigation of the death of a teenage girl in an Australian suburb.  How did she die?  Why did she die?  And why is there so much mystery surrounding her death?  I won't lie, this movie creeped me out quite a bit.  Watch this movie and find out what the young dead girl found before her demise.

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