ABSOLUTE POWER RANGERS: A Mighty Morphin' Epic - Film Series Pitch (MMPR Blueprint Project Explained) | Fanboys Anonymous

As part of THE BLUEPRINT PROJECT—where Anthony Mango seeks to take the entire history of every adaptation of a series and condense it into the gold standard bible version of the story with as many references as possible—one of the biggest adaptations is focused on THE MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS.

This Power Rangers Blueprint is dubbed ABSOLUTE POWER RANGERS: A MIGHTY MORPHIN' EPIC and is a 14 part series (12 feature films and 2 short films) telling the full story of the dawn of time and the backstory of Zordon, Rita and Lord Zedd as well as the fight against evil starring our core team of Tommy the Green Ranger/White Ranger, Jason the Red Ranger, Kimberly the Pink Ranger, Billy the Blue Ranger, Trini the Yellow Ranger and Zack the Black Ranger.

Check out this pitch video detailing some of the project in the hopes that Hasbro will be interested in producing this adaptation, and if you are fond of this concept, please help get more eyes on it by sharing this on social media, message boards, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and more!

The Power Rangers Blueprint and all stories from The Blueprint Project are outlines in progress with the intent to become full-fledged works with the backing of other production companies associated with these intellectual properties.

At the moment, they are not in any direct association with those entities. But with your support, these pitches could become a reality. So help spread the word by sharing this with the hashtags #PowerRangersBlueprint and #MMPRBlueprint, tag @Hasbro and @PowerRangers as well as other artists, creators, friends, family and more.


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