THE BATMAN: A KNIGHT-TIME STORY Volume 1 Chapter 1 "Why Do We Fall?" Synopsis (Batman Blueprint) | Fanboys Anonymous

THE BATMAN: A KNIGHT-TIME STORY - 100 RECORDS FROM THE WAYNE FOUNDATION ARCHIVES tells the entire history of Bruce Wayne and the Batman character as part of THE BLUEPRINT PROJECT created by Anthony Mango.

The Batman Blueprint incorporates references, storylines, characters and interpretations from all previous versions of the Batman franchise to tell the most absolute complete version of this story possible. The goal is to create a gold standard bible for both diehard fans and casual audiences. IE, this is The Batman Bible to learn everything there is about The Caped Crusader.

For this entry, Tony Mango presents a dramatic reading and pitch synopsis of the first chapter in this tale, breaking down the night Bruce Wayne's life changed forever with the murder of his parents, Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, and the infamous events with Joe Chill in Park Row that would set our protagonist on a journey to becoming the mythological Batman vigilante.

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Volume 1: Gotham Guardian - Chapter 1: Why Do We Fall:

The Batman Blueprint and all these superhero stories from The Blueprint Project are outlines in progress with the intent to become full-fledged works with the backing of DC Comics and the other production companies associated with these intellectual properties.

At the moment, they are not in any direct association with those entities. But with your support, these pitches could become a reality. So help spread the word by sharing this with the hashtags #BatmanBlueprint and #HireMangoDCComics, tag @DCOfficial and @Batman as well as other artists, creators, friends, family and more.

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