Batman Blueprint: Intro to THE BATMAN: A KNIGHT-TIME STORY - 100 Records from the Wayne Foundation Archives | Fanboys Anonymous

Batman is a franchise that has been around for nearly 100 years. It is almost impossible to watch all the films and every episode of the television series, as well as read all the comics at this point.

But what if someone were to condense all that—combine as many big and little details as possible and form the most cohesive outline of the Bruce Wayne character ever created—all in just 100 stories?

That is the goal of THE BATMAN BLUEPRINT—one of many parts of THE BLUEPRINT PROJECT created by Anthony Mango.

The official name of this Batman series is THE BATMAN: A KNIGHT-TIME STORY which will consist of 10 volumes of story arcs that tell the most comprehensive version of Batman by mixing elements from everything that has come before.

Big stories like A Death in the Family and The Long Halloween are adapted with original stories and new twists. The entire Bat Family is represented, as well as every villain and supporting character imaginable, whether they're crucial to the overall series like Alfred Pennyworth or extremely minor like Nick and Eddie from the beginning of Tim Burton's Batman 89.

This concept is huge, so here is a pitch video to explain what this is all about:

The Batman Blueprint and all these superhero stories from The Blueprint Project are outlines in progress with the intent to become full-fledged works with the backing of DC Comics and the other production companies associated with these intellectual properties.

At the moment, they are not in any direct association with those entities. But with your support, these pitches could become a reality. So help spread the word by sharing this with the hashtags #BatmanBlueprint and #HireMangoDCComics, tag @DCComics and @Batman as well as other artists, creators, friends, family and more.

Stay tuned for more information and the initial breakdowns of the first few chapters of THE BATMAN: A KNIGHT-TIME STORY.


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