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6 Flicks Picks: 2023 Movie Releases Rankings

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, January 1, 2023

Welcome to the annual New Year's edition of 6 Flicks Picks to ring in 2023!

I had fully intended to bring this segment back to a monthly edition in 2022, only to just do January and not pick it back up. Admittedly, part of that was just on my schedule making it too difficult, and on the film slate having some rather bland months.

While I won't make any promises that this will go back to that monthly format in 2023, I wanted to at least do the beginning of the year mass post, as that's frequently the most interesting anyway.

With that being said, the way this works is different from the monthly editions. Rather than being limited to just six for this list, I'm going to be breaking down my top six as well as some supplemental groups of six for different tier lists, in a sense, of how much I want to see those movies.

Still, the general question remains: If you could only watch six movies for the entire year, which ones would those be?

Obviously, not every film that will come out this year is currently announced, and I haven't seen trailers for the vast majority of them. That is part of the fun when you can look back and see which movies you enjoyed more and which ones were surprises.

Without further ado, let's take a look at what makes my cut for 2023!

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As far as January 1st is concerned, here are my top 24 picks, as I couldn't get to 30 as I originally had planned.

Bottom Tier Honorable Mentions:


Low Tier Honorable Mentions:

24. The Little Mermaid — Realistically, I'm not going to watch this unless we end up doing a FanTracks.

23. John Wick: Chapter 4 — I still haven't watched any of these John Wick films, but I keep wanting to. I just haven't gotten around to it. Maybe by the time this comes out, I'll have watched them, enjoyed them, and will be looking forward to this.

22. Barbie — This has SO much potential to be horrendous...but it could also be kind of great?

21. 65 — Admittedly, I was a lot more interested in this movie when all I knew about it was that an astronaut was stranded in some fashion, rather than seeing that he's gone back in time and will fight dinosaurs. With that being said, it's about an astronaut fighting dinosaurs that had a good enough script (most likely) to attract Adam Driver. Who knows. This could be fun.

20. Missing — Run sucked hard. Searching was good. Give me more Searching.

19. Elemental — Disney and Pixar get a pass for a lot of things just by being them, even though their track record isn't spotless.

Middle Tier Honorable Mentions:

18. Kraven the Hunter — This is the section we call "you've burned me too much in the past, but I'm going to see your shitty film because I'm a fan of the source material." There's no way in hell Sony pumped out a halfway decent movie with Kraven. It's not happening. But I'll sit through 2 hours of this crap nevertheless.

17. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts — See what I mean about this part of the list? The first Transformers movie was great. Everything else has been crap. This most likely will, too. But hey, it could look good on screen, at least.

16. Blue Beetle — DC got shattered and this film is just one of the leftover shards they forgot to pick up. I'm not expecting much, but I'm curious what they decided was a good enough breakdown for a Blue Beetle film.

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem — Animated? Let's see what the animation looks like. Let's hear what the voice acting is like. This could be great, or it could look and feel as weird as the last series I saw a clip of that made me not want to watch it.

14. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom — Aquaman isn't great as is. When you throw the Amber Heard stuff in there, along with all the stuff with DC falling apart, we're not in store for anything awesome. But it's still a DC film.

13. The Flash — I repeat, it's still a DC film, despite the lead, how I feel like the plot is probably not going to work, and how none of this seems like it will lead anywhere worthwhile.

Top Tier Honorable Mentions:

12. Oppenheimer — This could be amazing like Memento or one of Christopher Nolan's boring projects that fall short for me like Dunkirk. Give me more Inception and less Tenet.

11. Knock at the Cabin — This seems interesting as hell based on that first teaser. M. Night hasn't been crapping out garbage, either.

10. Creed III — The Rocky franchise is one that mostly consistently delivers if you go into it expecting what you got from what came before it. I liked the last two Creed films. Sign me up.

9. Shazam! Fury of the Gods — Again, DC. Shazam isn't even that great, and Black Adam was horrendous. But...well, superhero. You've already got me.

8. The Marvels — Ugh. Captain Marvel is one of my least favorite MCU films, and I couldn't get past midway through the second episode of Ms. Marvel. But this is an MCU movie, so I'm going to watch it.

7. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny — I didn't hate Crystal Skull as much as everyone else. It wasn't as good as the first or third, but it was better than Temple of Doom in my mind. Blasphemy, I know. But let's see what this crew put together.

What Made the Final Cut:

6. Untitled Ghostbusters Afterlife Sequel — Get ready for this to be on the 2024 list, too, because there's no way this is going to actually come out in 2023 as expected. It will certainly be delayed. But I thought Afterlife was solid, and I'm a big fan of the first two movies. Of course you have my loyalty.

5. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One — These movies keep getting better and better. By Rogue Nation, they sold me that I'm going to love the next installments, too. Opening night, for sure.

4. The Super Mario Bros. Movie — It can't be as bad as the live action movie, right? Some stuff so far has looked fantastic and some stuff has been a little wonky. But this isn't the type of movie I can just pass up seeing. It's Mario after all.

3. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse — The first one is SO good. There was no way this wasn't making the top 6. Give me everything Spider-Man, as it's my #2 favorite superhero character.

2. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania — Yesssssssssss.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3  — This is probably going to be fantastic.




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