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Predicting the Plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Welcome to another edition of Predicting the Plot wherein I try my best to guess how an upcoming movie is going to play out from start to finish with as many details as I can possibly give, based entirely on the previews and lead-up material I've seen.

I might be dead wrong. I may get some things right. In any way, I encourage you to give your predictions just the same in the comments below.

For this edition, I'll be tackling my fan theory of what we're in store for with the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: No Way Home

What is the plot of Spider-Man No Way Home film?

NOTE #1: It's important to state that this is not what I would do for the film, but what I think they've done in making the movie. I likely would have gone with some entirely different plot points, if not a wholly different film in general. Then again, my Spider-Man films wouldn't have had a character named Michelle Jones being called MJ and a version of Flash Thompson who is even more of a geek than Peter, so they've already well deviated from that.

NOTE #2: I have stayed away from any spoilers. I won't be reading any comments, either, until after I've seen the movie.

The movie opens with Peter Parker's identity being revealed from the end of the previous film. He rushes around New York, not knowing what to do. Eventually, he gets a phone call from Aunt May that police have shown up and he has to be home right away.

This may lead to his arrest and/or being taken in to the police station. If I were making the movie, I'd make sure there were some cameos of Jean DeWolff and such, but I'm not expecting that. What I AM expecting, though, is for Peter to have Matt Murdock as his defense attorney.

I think we'll get time jumps. This won't take place over one bad weekend or something. It'll be weeks, if not months.

Peter will be on some sort of probation or trial with the pending investigation that Murdock will be looking into the case for.

Over the course of several weeks or so, Peter will try to adjust to the world knowing his identity, but that will result in some problems. He'll most likely not be Spider-Man anymore, as he's trying to say that he's not the webslinger and any activity will be too suspicious. Maybe people will even start to question that that's obvious he IS Spider-Man, then, because Spider-Man hasn't been seen since the outing.

Issues will arise. J. Jonah Jameson spearheads the verbal attacks and propaganda. Peter will get increasingly more frustrated, if not scared for everyone else's lives. Maybe someone throws a brick through his home or something along those lines. Aunt May could be accosted or even targeted for a mugging or something to prove the severity of people in his life now being in danger.

Peter goes to talk to Doctor Strange. They have that discussion about the spell to make it so everyone forgets. Peter gets nervous that MJ and Ned will forget and has hesitations, which botch the spell.

That's when the multiverse starts leaking. Variants of the other villains bleed into this universe.

It seems like the explanation they're going with is that they all are supposed to die from Spider-Man's hand in their universes, but this has plucked them from that part of their timelines. That seems strange, but whatever.

Doctor Strange realizes this is going on and informs Peter of it. Strange wants to imprison them. Peter's good heart gets the better of him and he falls victim to some boo hoo, probably from Doc Ock, where he thinks it's inhumane to imprison them. They should be sent back to their universes.

That's when Peter steals the box that Doctor Strange is seen fighting with him over in the trailers. They have their mind warp action sequence. Peter accidentally makes things even worse.

Most of the rest of the film is spent trying to round them up. In the process, Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man also come through portals to help fight them off.

They impart some wisdom, possibly repeating Uncle Ben's trademark line. If any of them dies, I think it's Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man in a self-sacrifice moment.

The "do it" line that Peter says in the trailer, seemingly to Doctor Strange, is something I'm torn on. Either it's what I'm fearing, which is that Strange can only send Peter to another dimension and there's no way home back into the MCU, meaning Sony just does their own Spider-Man movies again and he's no longer in the MCU, or what I'm hoping is the case, which is that Strange says the only way he can stop some sort of cataclysm is to somewhat merge the universes together. That way, we get Venom at the end of this and it means there's more interconnectivity.

My ideal scenario is that Sony gets taken out of the Spider-Man business entirely, but that's not happening. Maybe there's a third option, though. Maybe it's something like Doctor Strange can only seal the portals if he indeed makes everyone forget Peter's identity like the beginning spell was trying to do, meaning MJ has to forget again and such.

I can't imagine this movie ends with Peter's identity still being public. I don't think Aunt May will die. Happy Hogan might, but I'm not banking on May, MJ or Ned getting killed off.

I don't think there will be any surprise reveals that Mysterio is still alive and concocted this whole thing. Maybe, just maybe, there's a Kingpin reference if they have that all planned out with Hawkeye and Daredevil.

As mentioned, the post-credit will involve Venom, but there may also be something about Morbius to try to spark some interest in people seeing that movie. There may also be something about Multiverse of Madness.

That's what I'm expecting to happen, but what do you think?
Give your predictions and thoughts on my guesses in the comments below!


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