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Predicting the Plot of The Matrix Resurrections

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, December 20, 2021

Welcome to another edition of Predicting the Plot wherein I try my best to guess how an upcoming movie is going to play out from start to finish with as many details as I can possibly give, based entirely on the previews and lead-up material I've seen.

I might be dead wrong. I may get some things right. In any way, I encourage you to give your predictions just the same in the comments below.

For this edition, I'll be taking a red pill and spelling out my fan theory of what we're in store for with The Matrix Resurrections

What is the plot of The Matrix Resurrections film?

NOTE #1: It's important to state that this is not what I would do for the film, but what I think they've done in making the movie. I likely would have gone with some entirely different plot points, if not a wholly different film in general.

NOTE #2: I have stayed away from any spoilers. I won't be reading any comments, either, until after I've seen the movie.

The movie opens with Thomas Anderson living a normal life in what is fashioned to be 2021. Of course, while everything seems normal, that's not the reality. We've seen this song and dance before. He starts questioning the world around him, particularly as he has visions/dreams of the previous movies and senses a longing for Trinity.

His therapist writes this off as nonsense. I'm actually wondering if Anderson will be portrayed as a filmmaker or video game designer who created an IP called The Matrix and that's why we have that guy who looks like a Hollywood agent saying "going back to where it all started; back to The Matrix" like he's going to revisit the idea for a sequel. The therapist could even specify he thinks Anderson is wrapped up in his own creation and imagining that it exists for real, but clearly, that's just a delusion.

Then, Anderson's reached out to by Morpheus and we go back to the whole world-breaking "this is the true reality behind the scenes" stuff. Anderson has some time where he doesn't remember everything, but he remembers bits and pieces, so we can explain things to the audience but not have to go through it all. Back-tracking, but the speedy process.

This version of Morpheus looks different, though. I'm not sure how they'll write that idea into there, but I'm thinking it'll be that this is a reboot of the system and he's been cloned or something like that. That would maybe explain how Trinity is alive, too, but this is all just speculation.

I think Jessica Henwick's character, Bugs, is the new version of The One. I expect her to be the key to everything—not just the overall new hero that the torch is being passed to, but the entire reason why they made this film. The Wachowskis will have this as a reflection of themselves.

I'm hoping there isn't just some "peace didn't last and now we're back to the war against the machines again" nonsense like they did with the sequel trilogy of Star Wars. That defeats the whole purpose of the previous films. Instead, I'd rather it be a new faction causing some problems or a new glitch or something.

By the end, I'm expecting Neo to sacrifice himself and either be turned into code and/or merged with Bugs. That way, Keanu Reeves doesn't need to return, but there's an option for it if they want to explore that, and the real figurehead hero will be Bugs.

That's what I'm expecting to happen, but what do you think?
Give your predictions and thoughts on my guesses in the comments below!


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