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I haven't been using Pokemon Home for too long, but after getting back into Pokemon Go a few months ago and realizing I was getting rid of Pokemon I would like to trade to actual games in the future, but having no space for them, I eventually opted to pay for the annual premium plan subscription. Since then, I've been heavily sending Pokemon from Go and trying to make use of the GTS and Wonder Trade systems to get as close to a full Pokedex as I possibly can.

In the process, I've noticed some things that I really wish were on the app, but aren't. Some of them are for convenience while others are just tools and sorting options I think would be incredibly useful and should have been the standard to begin with.

Without further ado, here are 10 improvements I think should be made to Pokemon Home.

#1. Multi-Trade for the GTS

More than anything on this list, this is what I'd want (even though the rest aren't in any ranked order). The way it is now, you can select 3 Pokemon to specifically request a trade for (ie, I will trade this Rotom for this particular type of Rayquaza). My idea would be that you can toss out more of a grab bag type of thing like Wonder Trade, but that you have specifics you're looking for in return.

The best way to explain it is to just spell it out with an example of the mathematical formula it would operate on, in a sense.

"I will deposit these x# Pokemon. Anyone can take them if they're looking for them, so long as they offer me any of the following in exchange."

For example, I could put 50 Pidgey in there of varying levels and such, and I can say that I'm requesting all the legendaries. I doubt anyone would want to take any of those offers, but if anyone does decide that they will upload, say, "one of the Pokemon in my deposit box is a Zapdos and one of the Pokemon I'm looking for in return is a Pidgey", then Pokemon Home would send an alert to both of us saying an eligible trade has been found and ask if we would like to confirm it. Only one of us needs to confirm, ideally, so you're not stuck with someone who is playing around and locking up trades by not confirming it. Maybe it just automatically does the trade for you like Wonder Trade because hey pal, you set up those parameters and they were met.

For all I know, someone out there has the Guzzlord that I need and they're willing to trade for 10 different Pokemon that I have, including the Duraludon that I have sitting in GTS right now, but I happen to have that listed as "I'll trade Duraludon for Buzzwole". I'd take the Guzzlord trade, since I need that, too, but I happen to have "I'll trade Dusknoir for Guzzlord" instead, so it's just never going to happen. But if I could say "I'll trade any of these for any of these," it might.

#2. Don't Have the Form? GTS Says You Don't Have the Pokemon

Ever since I got a Furfou and a Vivillon in Pokemon Home, I've had this issue where I'm searching for a Pokemon I need in the GTS with the "include people searching for Pokemon you don't have" function off, but I'll see tons of examples of people requesting Heart Trim form Furfrou or a particular Vivillon pattern.

If I had them, they should obviously show up. But just because I have a Furfrou of any form, it shows all the form options. There aren't any mechanics within Pokemon Home to change the forms, so it's just flat out wrong that I "have the Pokemon" available.

This means when I search for a Pokemon in the GTS, I inevitably have to scroll past the Furfrou and Vivillon requests. Even if I had that specific one, I wouldn't know they were looking for it, because I'd have to click on each individual one to check to see what form they were looking for.

That's maddening. If you don't have the form, it should be treated as if you don't have that particular Pokemon at all and not show up as a trade option.

#3. Stop Allowing Impossible Requests

If it doesn't really exist, people shouldn't have the option to request it. I don't understand this idea some people have where they'll put a shiny legendary or something in the GTS and request something impossible like a level 1 shiny Cinderace. All that does is clog up the system.

Apparently, people do it to "flex" that they have that Pokemon. If you're one of those people, you're a jackass. Nobody's looking up your trainer ID so they can send you praise and be jealous. You're not getting laid because of it or a pay raise at work. If that's really a means for you to feel better about yourself, it's very sad and you should reassess some of your life choices. This is a silly children's game of collecting fake cartoon monsters. It's supposed to be fun, not something you attach your self-esteem to.

#4. Trading Mythical Pokemon Should Be Allowed

Simply put, if someone wants to trade me their Mew for my Caterpie, they should be able to.

I wouldn't, but there are people out there who would. More importantly, there are people who might have a million Meltan and want to give that to someone else in exchange for a Jirachi. Like me. I've got enough Meltan and I can always get more with Pokemon Go, so how about I give one of those to some kid somewhere who has a Victini they want to get rid of so I'm not just missing that one?

#5. Sort Pokemon by Quantity

Why are you not able to sort by the number of each particular Pokemon you have? That would make it infinitely easier to toss Pokemon into the Wonder Trade or GTS.

If I have 30 Drowzee, I want to get rid of them in the Wonder Trade before I'd put my last Hypno. As it stands, I have to sort by dex number and scroll down and manually look to see which ones look like they have more than a few. That takes a longer time than I'd like, as I'd love to be able to just sort by quantity ascending and descending. That way, the top of the list shows I have 20 Spearow? I'll toss some in there. It shows I only have 1 Jynx? Now I know not to click on that one.

#6. More Than 10 on Wonder Trade

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I'd love to be able to toss more than 10 Pokemon into the Wonder Trade system to speed up the process.

Make it practically infinite. At least make it 20 or 50, or 100.

Imagine the rush some people would feel if they wanted to gamble, take all their Pokemon in one shot and Wonder Trade them to see what they get. That could make for some fun YouTube video content where people do that.

#7. Free Trade Room Classes and Groups

There should be different groups of the free trade room that give you rules you have to follow.

Obviously, there should be a "completely random and anything goes" room like there is now. But there should also be rooms like "only legendary" where you literally can't participate in the trade process unless you select a legendary Pokemon.

Only mythical. Only Kanto (as well as any other generation, or game). Only shiny. Only level 100. Only for each type. So on and so forth.

That way, you know that if you go into the room that is Only Water Type, you toss out your Magikarp and you might get a Kyogre, but you're definitely not getting a Spinarak.

#8. Web Browser / Desktop Functionality

Using the app or the Nintendo Switch is nowhere near as convenient as a desktop client version would be. I'd love to be able to just log in via Firefox or a downloadable computer program and do this all with my keyboard and mouse. I'm one of those people who uses their computer pretty much 24/7 and is much more adept at that style of organization than to be using my phone and having to look at that smaller screen for a while. It wears my fingers out more to swipe on my screen than it does to use a mouse, too. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to be able to use Pokemon Home on their laptop or whatever.

#9. A Chat Function


#10. Set a Locked Pokemon in Your Room Instead of Randomized

Every time you swipe away from the Your Room screen, a new Pokemon generates as the little character that will pop up. While I don't personally care, I'm sure some people would like to be able to choose a permanent "buddy" or something that will always be there.



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