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What Hammer Should Beta Ray Bill Use Instead of Stormbreaker in the MCU?

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, June 9, 2020
This is a random topic that I've wanted to get around to since Avengers: Infinity War came out, but it still remains open for discussion: since Thor was given a hammer/axe combo that was dubbed Stormbreaker, what hammer should Beta Ray Bill use if he ever appears for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The way I see it, they have three options, with some variables within them.

Beta Ray Bill Marvel Cinematic Universe
Beta Ray Bill pictured with Stormbreaker, which looks nothing like the one in the MCU, of course.

Option 1 - Stormbreaker

The MCU is no stranger to changing comics continuity. Sometimes, it's for the better (in my opinion) with things like Tony Stark being the one to create Ultron. Other times, it's a mistake, like their first attempt at The Mandarin.

Some people are adamant that Beta Ray Bill still gets Stormbreaker, even though it wouldn't make a lot of sense for Thor to go back to "the little one" in Mjolnir for multiple reasons—not the least of which is that it was supposedly restored back to its original timeline by Captain America at the conclusion of Endgame.

But maybe Bill gets a version of Stormbreaker from another universe/dimension. It seems that's where a lot of these other movies are heading with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Wandavision, so what if that's their excuse?

Maybe he doesn't even have a name for his weapon and they play Bill off as goofy in a sense like they like to make most of their characters. After he hears that Thor calls his weapon that name, he likes the name and adopts it for himself, despite Thor protesting that he can't do that, as that's his axe's name.

Or maybe Thor ends up with another weapon and passes Stormbreaker onto Bill. I don't think that's the best option, but it could theoretically happen.

Option 2 - Jarnbjorn

Just as they took the name Stormbreaker and applied it to a different weapon, why not do the same with another?

Jarnbjorn is an axe Thor wields from time to time. It's purely an axe, though, without the hammer side.

Of course, that's just in the comics. But in the comics, Ghost isn't the daughter of Egghead and an Ant-Man villain, nor was Ego the Living Planet the father of Star-Lord. Things change.

The likelihood that they'll ever spend time having Chris Hemsworth as Thor wielding just a pure axe like Jarnbjorn is so low that they could get away with using that name for Beta Ray Bill's weapon and only the die-hard fans would notice. Casuals certainly wouldn't have an idea who Bill is to begin with, let alone the discrepancies about the weaponry. Hell, most people can't even pronounce Mjolnir and just call it "Thor's hammer" anyway.

Option 3 - Thunderstrike

One thing I'm disappointed in with the MCU is that they never utilized the Donald Blake pseudonym. In the first film, he could have easily used that moniker while he was walking around Earth and trying to be a normal person, but they tossed it aside as a different gag with Jane Foster's ex who is seemingly still out there somewhere.

Eric Masterson isn't going to be a thing, either. It's just not going to happen. So let's have Thor use that name as his pseudonym on Earth when he's trying to be a little inconspicuous.

Then, that frees up Thunderstrike to be used. Since it won't have to be a superhero name and it was both that and Masterson's weapon, how about giving that to Bill? For that matter, he could even use the mace instead of the hammer/axe combo to help differentiate it from Thor's Stormbreaker.

What would you like to see happen with Beta Ray Bill and his weapon, whatever its called, in the future of the MCU? Keep the discussion going in the comments section below!

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