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Welcome to another edition of WEEK IN GEEK here at Fanboys Anonymous—a rundown of some of the events, news and stories that went down over the past few days in the geek culture spectrum.

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Here are some of the topics I felt like voicing my opinions about:

Michael Keaton Returning as Batman?!

Now, reports are saying that instead of Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Thomas Wayne in a Flashpoint movie, it's going to be Michael Keaton returning as his version of Batman from the Tim Burton films, but older (obviously) as an anchor point in some fashion.

Insane, but cool. I still think the movie may not ever be made at all, and even if it is, it'll have lots of tweaks and things might not work out all that well, but hey, I'm open to the idea. That sounds neat.

Joel Schumacher Dies

Speaking of the old Tim Burton films, the man who took over for that franchise after Burton, Joel Schumacher, has passed away at age 80. Like most, I equate him to Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. In fact, the only other movies he did that I've seen were The Number 23 (meh) and Phone Booth (which I liked quite a bit). Nevertheless, RIP.

Twister Reboot in the Works

Why? Just watch the original. A remake/reboot can't be that much different other than better special effects and a less engaging cast that doesn't tap into the cultural zeitgeist like the original did.

The Princess and the Frog Replacing Splash Mountain

Due to its connections to Song of the South, Splash Mountain is going to be reworked to fit The Princess and The Frog, instead.

I've never actually seen either movie, probably. If anything, I've seen SOTS when I was like 4 or something like that, which I've forgotten about entirely by now.

But here's my basic thoughts: if the ride itself is fun, keep the ride structure. If you change the scenery around it to something that's a more modern movie and it makes people more comfortable and feel like there's one less racist thing out there in the world, then hey, all that more reason to change it.

Now, if you were going to do something like remove all the water and just make it a roller coaster, that's what would suck.

Elizabeth Banks as Ms. Frizzle in The Magic School Bus Film

Never was a fan of The Magic School Bus, but I know a lot of people who loved it. From what I've seen, Banks probably has the right energy for the character and can pull it off, even though she's much better looking than Frizzle was. I've always thought the character looked more like Bette Midler.

Tenet Pushed Back Again

The theme of 2020: everyone just says "ugh..wait...hold on" and the pandemic continues, while others get so frustrated that they stop doing things that they need to do in order to keep the pandemic from getting worse, which makes everyone have to suffer.

Tenet's release date has been delayed once again. And I bet you it's going to happen again, if not many more times.

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