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Week in Geek #104: Superman is Nick Fury, Sonic 2 and More

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, May 31, 2020
Welcome to another edition of WEEK IN GEEK here at Fanboys Anonymous—a rundown of some of the events, news and stories that went down over the past few days in the geek culture spectrum.

This week in geek culture Fanboys Anonymous nerd recap

Here are some of the topics I felt like voicing my opinions about:

Sonic the Hedgehog Officially Getting a Sequel

We all knew this HAD to happen, with the amount of money it made and the positive support from critics and fans. I'm 100% in support. I thought the movie was a lot of fun and I was pumped to see Tails at the end. In fact, I actually went ahead and did a post about my expectations and what I would like to see them do here. Give me Metal Sonic and Knuckles down the road!


Supposedly, Doom Patrol is being put on HBO Max, but not the other shows. Frankly, I think this is their attempt to slowly, but surely phase DCU into HBO Max and hope that people keep paying for both services for as long as possible. Once the well starts drying up, they'll just merge them.

In my opinion, what they should do is offer DCU and HBO Max as separate services, but put all the DC shows on HBO Max and DCU. Then, DCU should be at a lower price. If you just want the DC content, you can get the DCU stuff. If you don't need the comics, you can just get HBO.

Mr. Sinister Would've Been in Gambit

Original plans would have had Mr. Sinister pop up in the Gambit film Channing Tatum was working on.

To be honest...as much as I'm disappointed Tatum won't be Gambit, as I think he could have pulled the role off rather well, I'm glad Sinister wasn't wasted on that. I think he should be the primary villain for the next X-Men film (along with Magneto, naturally).

Mulan May Go to PVOD

As expected, there's a chance Disney puts Mulan on Premium Video on Demand instead of in theaters.

Since this isn't a guarantee and is just more of a discussion point right now, I'm not so sure I believe it. I still think Disney wants to see if they can get back to normal releases for the summer in a month or so and start things off with a bang with Mulan, which might not have been the biggest release in the world, but could get a considerable bump if its one of the few movies playing. That way, people that normally wouldn't be as into the idea of paying to see that movie might be inclined to go see it even more just because they want to get out of the house and experience some normalcy.

Of course, maybe this does end up following the Trolls technique, get released at home and sets an even bigger precedent for that becoming the new norm and AMC and other theaters having less negotiating tactics when it comes to being pissed about losing out on that money and refusing to show films from studios that do that.

Henry Cavill as Superman, aka Nick Fury

Supposedly, in the ever-evolving dirt sheet rumor mill that probably doesn't have a clue what is actually going on, Warner Bros are currently looking at Henry Cavill as returning as Superman, but not in a solo movie like Man of Steel 2. Instead, he'll be more of a Nick Fury in the MCU type by appearing in other characters' movies to help with the continuity.

You know what doesn't make sense about all that? Going further into connective tissues between these films while you abandoned that continuity and have a new Batman and still no name for this universe. My God, I cannot understand how DC is so frenetic about this stuff...but I do love Cavill as Superman, so I endorse him sticking around (ideally with a couple other characters recast, like Amy Adams no longer as Lois Lane, for one).


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