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Welcome to another edition of WEEK IN GEEK here at Fanboys Anonymous—a rundown of some of the events, news and stories that went down over the past few days in the geek culture spectrum.

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Here are some of the topics I felt like voicing my opinions about:


In the ever-growing trend of people thinking "We should have our own streaming platform!" it's now HBO throwing their name into the hat with HBO Max.

Remember, everybody, this is how cable went, and we're just speeding up the process. There already are too many things out there that nobody can afford to buy all of them, so here's another one that won't be able to fully compete. In no time, this is all going to collapse, and we're going to have people grouping packages together, and then we're back to cable again.

But what's confusing about this is that they are advertising a bunch of other things, like Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, truTV, New Line Cinema, Boomerang, CNN, Adult Swim, TBS and the DC Universe. So is this already HBO making their own cable network that will be like $30 a month and include DC Universe and whatnot rolled into it??

Storm Reid Cast as Idris Elba's Character's Daughter in The Suicide Squad

So he's not playing Deadshot, but he's got a daughter, too? Are they just bullshitting, or did they make him Bronze Tiger and give him a daughter and plan on doing "basically Deadshot again, but let's leave the door open in case Will Smith ever wants to return" by having a copycat character inserted into the same part of the script?


Power Rangers Being Rebooted on Film?

As suspected, it seems like the 2017 film isn't going to get a sequel, but there will be a reboot down the line. I'm equal parts annoyed about that and okay with it. Half the cast was great (Billy in particular was so good) and I liked how they had a more adult tone to things, and how they made Rita a former Green Ranger. But some of the movie just didn't work out perfectly.

Basically, if the reboot is better, then I'll be all thumbs up on this in retrospect. But I don't have the power of hindsight yet, and I'm always afraid things will get worse, and this will turn into a bigger mistake than just carrying on with the previous crew.

Christoph Waltz Returning as Blofeld in Bond 25


Mortal Kombat Will Include Fatalities

Of course it needed to be rated R and has to have the fatalities. If not, that would have been the first thing people would have complained about (beyond the possibility of it having horrible acting or a terrible script or awful CGI, because, naturally, that would be the bulk of the complaints on the critic side of things). I still don't know if killing off certain characters makes a ton of sense for future stories with potential sequels, because it would be strange if they just straight-up murdered everybody except for the winner and then had to start fresh with a primarily new cast for a #2, but we'll see how they plan to address that. Zombies?


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