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LUCIFER Season 4 Review: Netflix Binge-Watch Thoughts on Every Episode

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Lucifer is back with season 4, this time on Netflix! This means instead of having one episode per week, we get to have our dose of the show in binge form, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

As such, welcome to what I like to refer to as my running episode commentary breakdown, wherein I will be documenting my thoughts as I watch every episode. Throughout the season, I'll be adding notes as a stream of consciousness of sorts, giving you a feel of what's going on in my mind. Then, once it's over and the season has concluded, I'll wrap everything up with my overall thoughts.

I invite you to follow along as best you can and to leave your thoughts in the comments below just the same!

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Episode 1 - "Everything's Okay"

  • They always have good choices in music on this show, and I love Creep. Great way to start things off.
  • I'm glad they're not forgetting that Maze and Trixie didn't end in the best light.
  • I like that they're acting like Chloe is okay with it, but we know that can't possibly be true. That's a better direction than having her go straight into hysteria.
  • Two honey stands in the same farmer's market? No wonder there's a problem. Who the hell needs even one of them, let alone competition?
  • Door knobs? If there was a serial killer with that gimmick, he would have to have catch phrases and slogans like saying "knock knock" to his victims. 
  • I immediately don't trust this "cop"
  • They should have Chloe be hesitant to let Trixie around anyone, like a good mom.
  • Still don't trust the cop.
  • "Horror? Disgust? Mild arousal?" haha
  • Awww, poor Amenadiel needs to be needed.
  • Stigmata, maybe?
  • GREAT moment with Amenadiel helping Dan get some closure. Loved that.
  • Chloe's going to be looking for a way to kill Lucifer, isn't she? Like a holy mission? That's a good angle. I like that.
  • Very solid first episode here. It's the same as the show was, with no real differences except maybe some better production quality, possibly. That's perfect.

Episode 2 - "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno"

  • That's awesome Lucifer's been on the radar of exorcists and such. Why wouldn't he be, you know?
  • Cute little vial
  • I'd probably like Judd on this reality show for being a complete asshat.
  • It's weird that they still have commercial breaks without commercials. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there aren't commercials. It's just weird still.
  • Gary Coleman's in hell?
  • Ella's perpetually adorable.
  • Rice and coconut, I'm fond of. Snails...I'll pass on that meal. 
  • Creepy Amenadiel is great.
  • Well that "homeless" woman is going to Hell.
  • Cool devils don't turn around when there are explosions behind them.
  • So why is Lucifer's suit perfectly fine?
  • Linda's pregnant, isn't she?
  • Did Chloe leave the vial? I guess I'll find out by the end of the episode.
  • Wow, they didn't wait any time at all for Linda to confront Amenadiel about that. I thought they would have at least dragged that out until the end of the next episode. They must be really using this 10-episode structure to its fullest. Curious why Eve hasn't shown up yet, though.

Episode 3 - "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father"

  • "Your sex holes are never going back to normal" - Maze is a treasure. 
  • Trixie looks so much older, it's nuts. What is she, like, 42 now?
  • End of Days is better than some of Arnold's movies, though. Did you see Collateral Damage?
  • Kudos to Linda for recognizing that a proposal isn't the way to fix these fears about the baby. Far too many people do that. 
  • Ha. Apple. I get it.
  • It's 7:45am and I haven't slept yet. It's time for me to get some rest. Big fan of this season, though, and I'm excited to keep this going.

Episode 4 - "All About Eve"

  • "He was decapitated?!" - haha I love Ella 
  • Eve is hot, but that was a weird introduction
  • Wait, so why was Eve in heaven instead of hell?
  • Maze being so protective of Linda and her kid is cute
  • I love how quirky Eve is.
  • So the forbidden fruit is Lucifer's dick? LOL
  • Sandy Bumford haha. That sucks. 
  • Linda is so much the heart of this show. I've loved her character from the very beginning.
  • I just noticed Ella's taco shirt, "every now and then I fall apart". I love it.
  • I do hate in shows how people just walk into someone's place to stumble across them doing something like kissing someone else and then have that whole drama. It's too fabricated.

Episode 5 - "Expire Erect"

  • That sandwich doesn't look like the answer to me. I think I'd rather have pizza.
  • Jeez Eve...O__O
  • He got tired!!!!!!! I loved that pun.
  • Good ol' Nameless You.
  • I want a burger.
  • Are they really thinking about hooking up Maze and Dan? It would pair everyone off except for Ella, but I don't know how they could pull that off. 
  • Look at Eve not being catty or bitchy or anything. Big fan of that.
  • Heeeey Eve and Ella making out. Oh stop rolling your eyes. I'm a guy and I'm only human.
  • Damn! Another great Amenadiel moment with the "No wonder your dad is so proud of you." How great must that be, to know from an actual angel that your dad is in heaven and that he's watching over you and all? I'd love to have that reassurance.
  • So is Eve now going to be so afraid to lose Lucifer that she'll try to kill Chloe so that he isn't vulnerable ever again? That's my assumption. We have to do something to paint her in a negative portrait.

Episode 6 - "Orgy Pants to Work"

  • Call me old fashioned, but that orgy doesn't seem like it would have been a fun time, no matter how hot Eve is.
  • It just dawned on me that even though I'm not binging this straight through, this is SO much easier to binge than something like Iron Fist or Jessica Jones.
  • But I'm confused about the sudden skip of "many months later" outside of how they clearly need to speed up the pregnancy.
  • I'm thinking maybe the next episode is when we get Adam?
  • "Fetch me the goat"
  • Okay, family tree time. So Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel, Adam's first wife was Lilith, who is Maze's mom, and Eve shacked up with Lucifer, who is the son of God and The Goddess of Creation, who also had Amenadiel and other brothers and sisters, including this new chick who looks like a cross between Anna Akana and Lady Sif. Lucifer's totes going to be with Chloe, who is the mom of Trixie, and the ex-wife of Dan, who used to be with Lucifer's mom, kind of. Also, Amenadiel's got a baby on the way with Linda, who fucked Lucifer. Okay, I'm caught up, and poor Ella is not involved in any of this.
  • Nudist Ella. This episode is a win from that alone.
  • Oh damn, I didn't see that cop's death coming.
  • Vigilante Lucifer makes sense. Vigilucifer.

Episode 7 - "Devil is as Devil Does"

  • Oh wait, Lucifer didn't kill Julian?
  • The Man with the Golden Gun! Huge James Bond fan, and that is one of my guilty pleasure favorites (C-tier level, meaning I know it's fundamentally not as good as an A-tier one like GoldenEye or Casino Royale, but it's totally a stupid fun ride) 
  • On this Tiernan dude looks like he could be the devil with just those eyebrows alone. Jesus.
  • Maze is fucking with Linda.
  • Told ya.
  • Stop being a bitch, Remy. 
  • Nice going, Detective Douche. You almost got your daughter killed.
  • Ella and Dan? Nope. Not a natural fit.
  • Welp. Those are certainly some devil wings. Suuuuuuuuuuucks.

Episode 8 - "Super Bad Boyfriend"

  • Godfather Lucifer. Ha.
  • Super giddy Eve is fucking great. This actress nails it.
  • Blonde girl is totally the villain. It's usually that first person, which is pretty predictable, so I hope I'm wrong.
  • Why do I feel like Caleb is a goner the moment he and Amenadiel met?
  • That's got to be Maze's stunt double, right?
  • Cliche bad husband to Lucifer is to be a bro who likes fantasy sports and all hahahaha
  • Addressing race issues with the police. Good decision to call some attention to.
  • Well, I guess I'm not wrong about Lexi, unless that's the whole switch where it turns out there's another thing. There's still 15 minutes left.
  • Knew it. There was no way Caleb was making it out of this episode alive.
  • The real truth is that your hell is knowing that you were a bad person and having to learn to become a better person through the experience of all these humans, because each person's hell is their own self-hatred, right?

Episode 9 - "Save Lucifer"

  • No shit someone must have stolen the thumb drive.
  • Eve as Decker > Decker
  • Not a good cover of Wonderwall. 
  • Lucifer never goes by Sam, does he?
  • Charlie. Good name. But you should name him Charles and nickname him Charlie. Middle that's where Sam comes into play?
  • I wonder how they would have dealt with this makeup if they were still on Fox. Did the budget go up? It might not have, which might be why Netflix picked them up in the first place.

Episode 10 - "Who's Da New King of Hell"

  • The new king of Hell should be Tiernan. They still didn't fully take care of him.
  • "I thought you were on my side." / "...I was." - textbook.
  • That knife wouldn't have made that sound. 
  • Discount Sean Penn from Carlito's Way
  • D.B. Woodside just said Charlotte instead of Charlie, I think.
  • I don't think that lighter would heat up the milk that much.
  • I can't help but feel like Chloe could die somehow. It makes more sense for Eve to, though.
  • Amenadiel with the Rock Bottom (or Book End if you're more of a Booker T fan)
  • Is this woman the T-1000 or something?
  • If you could just tell everyone to go home like that, why didn't you do that from the start? That was easy.
  • I guess they liked Eve enough to keep her alive in the hopes they bring her back for another season, if they're renewed. Maybe that's when we'll see Adam, too. And Maze's mom, Lilith?
  • Proper angel wings. Nice touch. After all, he's supposed to be a legit angel and not a demon.
  • Super fake looking CGI with that throne.


Absolutely fantastic season. Possibly the best one. I feel like this show really knows what the fans want and doesn't bully them around or toy with them.

In particular, I really liked this 10-episode season structure, where everything was kept tight. At times, I could see exactly where they would have stretched it, had they done double the episodes, and I don't think it would have been necessary.

For instance, Caleb would have been at least 3 to 5 episodes, if not longer. That whole subplot of the drugs would have gone on and on and reached the same conclusion. I'm guessing the first 10 episodes would have dragged out the idea of Linda's pregnancy. Those missing months would have been like 6 filler episodes of repeating the same lessons. Dan's story with Charlotte was already stretched pretty thin as it was. Ella probably would have had a whole episode dealing with a church group or something random just to hit that mark some more. So on and so forth.

But that wasn't necessary. We didn't need 3 episodes about Remiel just to get to the same point, especially because she was a weak addition to the cast.

More Eve being Eve would have been fun, but sometimes, less is more. Maybe it would have gotten annoying if it was another 8 or so episodes worth of that, you know?

I think they did a fantastic job with this season. They kept it the same show as before, rather than turning it into something it wasn't just because they had the option of trying something new for the pure sake of it, and they tightened everything up to be a better, more effective story arc for everyone involved.

I'm very much anticipating a season 5 with Lilith as the head of all the demons who are trying to mess with people on Earth, as well as possibly some Adam and Eve shenanigans, and maybe even an appearance from Abel? Who else could we bring in from The Bible? I don't know. I never read the thing. Noah? Job? Some clarification on who actually helps all these football teams win the Super Bowl?

Great job on season 4. Many thanks to Netflix for saving the show, even if it's just for this one season, but hopefully, for many more!


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