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Fuller House Season 4 Review

Posted by The Dace Man Saturday, December 29, 2018
Hey, Hey, Hey Dacetacular Nation! Chris "The Dace Man" Dace here with his first TV Show Review in years...yes years. Let's breakdown the latest season of Fuller House.

Fuller House Season 4 Now Streaming Online Free

So to catch you up on where we are in Season 4, DJ managed to break up Steve's wedding at the end of Season 3 in Japan and Kimmy Gibbler has agreed to surrogate for Stephanie and her brother since Stephanie is unable to give birth.

If you're like me and thrive on nostalgia, you keep tuning into these reboot/returns of shows. Unfortunately these shows have not aged well with time. I personally despise laugh tracks, it feels as if though the studio is forcing you to laugh when they want you to laugh and it is painful in some cases. It is peppered through out the entire season with forced catch phrases that break the dialogue and cheesy shtick that just feels out of place.

The weird thing about the show is the best part of it is the characters that were not involved with the original Full House. There's a feeling with these characters that they are not restrained by catch phrases or the anticipated slapstick humor. The only ones who have seemed to escape the the stigma from the original cast are Danny Tanner and Steve, the latter most likely because I don't remember too much about him except he likes to eat.

The stand out character in the entire show has to be Max though. his dialogue seems fresh and quick witted, especially since he's the second youngest of the main cast. Between him and Fernando they have hooked my attention to watch the episodes, plus Stephanie is still hot. The extremely disappointing part of the show four years in is still no Michelle Tanner. You would have thought by now one of them would have caved and made a cameo. I'm sure the payday would be decent and it gives fans some closure on the mystery behind Michelle and her apparent Fashion Empire.

I'd imagine the show continues to be a strong family content contender for Netflix, however with Girl Meets World biting the dust at 72 episodes you may see Fuller House squeak out one more season since they sit at 57. Most of the story lines have been neatly tied up to a point that could be seen as fulfilling...you know, except for the whole Michelle Tanner thing. So maybe if an Olsen agrees to appear it will breathe new life into the show, if not it's days are surely coming to a close within the next year.

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