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GLOW Season 2 Review & Running Episode Commentary Thoughts Breakdown

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, July 5, 2018
Welcome to another Netflix ongoing episode commentary! Season 2 of GLOW came out several days ago, and I'm just now getting around to it. Normally, I like to binge these shows as soon as they are released, but I was unable to do that this time around. Nevertheless, this will work the same as it normally does, where in this post, I'll be documenting my running commentary of thoughts as I watch every episode. I'll be adding notes almost as a stream of consciousness and when everything has concluded, I'll be wrapping everything up with a full season recap and review to see just how good or bad the overall package was.

I invite you to follow along and to leave your thoughts in the comments below just the same!

Netflix desktop GLOW wallpaper

GLOW (Season 2 - 2018)

SHOWRUNNERS: Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch

STARRING: Alison Brie (Ruth Wilder), Betty Gilpin (Debbie Eagan), Marc Maron (Sam Sylvia), Britt Baron (Justine Biagi), Jackie Tohn (Melanie Rosen), Kia Stevens (Tammé Dawson), Chris Lowell (Bash Howard), Britney Young (Carmen Wade), Shakira Barrera (Yolanda Rivas), Victor Quinaz (Russell Barroso), Sydelle Noel (Cherry Bang), Kate Nash (Rhonda Richardson), Gayle Rankin (Sheila the She-Wolf), Ellen Wong (Jenny Chey), Rich Sommer (Mark Eagan), Bashir Salahuddin (Keith Bang), Rebekka Johnson (Dawn Rivecca), Kimmy Gatewood (Stacey Beswick), Sunita Mani (Arthie Premkumar), and Andrew Friedman (Glen Klitnik)


Episode 1 - "Viking Funeral"

  • So last season, I liked pretty much all of the characters except the tag team women. Of course, I liked some more than others, like Welfare Queen being hilarious, Machu Picchu being great, and Sam Sylvia being awesome. Just putting that out for context.
  • That's what you get when you mess with the warrior, Carla. (10 pts to anyone who gets that reference)
  • See. Love Sam.
  • Ellen Wong, still cute. 
  • I have a feeling I'm going to like Yolanda, and it isn't just because she's attractive.
  • Contracts!
  • Well, we have our villain. Suave Director Man.
  • Hm. I forgot about this one woman dressed as the Native American.
  • Dave's World?
  • Blockbuster! I miss you.
  • There isn't always tomorrow.
  • I don't want to harp on the looks here, but Alison Brie, top 10 celeb for me at the moment, and Britt Baron, very cute.
  • And now I want pizza.
  • That is an UGLY suit, discount Zac Efron (Bash Howard)
  • Douche ego move, Sam.
  • And I'm back to hating Debbie again.

Episode 2 - "Candy of the Year"

  • Co*ol! Voice crack. 
  • All hail Welfare Queen!
  • See, everybody. Kids ruin everything, including production meetings.
  • Yolanda's quite a dancer.
  • Worldstar!
  • Yeah, fuck you, Billy.
  • Tamme is awesome. So self-actualized. 
  • That's some quality fathering right there.
  • Suddenly, I'm having flashbacks of Adam Bomb.
  • Why do I feel like this dance-off would be accepted by WWE in 2008 as an alternative to a wrestling match? Oh, because that's what happened. That's why.
  • So nobody cares enough about Reggie to try to bring her back?
  • Time for a break, as I started watching this 3 hours after I was tired enough to fall asleep. Two episodes in, I'm still enjoying it, but I just flat out need sleep. I'll pick up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Episode 3 - "Concerned Women of America"

  • Fuck wasting the budget on that preachy stuff.
  • She has a bio quiz already? No wonder she hates high school.
  • Aaaaah I want donuts. 
  • I like Russell now that he shot down Debbie with that "star whose name I haven't learned" line.
  • Very nice transition there with the scripts.
  • Maybe you haven't been laid in weeks because Justine's hot and dating a musician and all?
  • LOL I love Yolanda, with being less graphic.
  • Cherry's husband Keith is great. "She needs to get the fuck out that trailer."
  • Good lord, if Carmen was my baby at that size, I'd just lose it.
  • Don't shit on Russell. He's a nice guy. Probably the nicest out of everyone in the area.
  • Scott Baio needs to be at the party and needs to hit on Jenny.
  • Nice touch with the mannequin on the float.
  • Debbie is suuuuuuuuch a biiiiiiitch.

Episode 4 - "Mother of All Matches"

  • LMFAO THE KFC BUCKET. OMG I love the white meat pun!
  • it Ethan Allen? 
  • Sup Charlotte? You can't tell the difference between Tyler and Ernest? Check yourself.
  • Give Liberty Belle some liberty hell!
  • Kia Stevens is really so much better than I thought she would be.
  • Mark's right. It does look like two dildos groping each other.
  • Everything is $5 and you grab books, instead of a couch?!
  • You didn't get rid of the lamp. I bet that reminds you of Mark.
  • That's pretty American, Bash.
  • Nice marketing with Patio Town.
  • Glad to see Ernest is digging it.
  • Never mind.
  • Now, Liberty Belle needs to turn heel.
  • Ernest is such a fucking good kid. That guy's going places.

Episode 5 - "Perverts Are People, Too"

  • Creepy stalker fans like that would drive me crazy.
  • No fucking water, no fucking respect. Good logic.
  • Maybe don't dress like a psycho if you don't want people to mock you and such?
  • Yeah, this guy wants to destroya Zoya in the bedroom.
  • Repeat. Keith is a good husband.
  • I hope Glen actually comes back with dinner menus.
  • Tom is such a creep, but this isn't surprising at all, as I've seen SO many people act like this.
  • Right move, Ruth, even though it's a bad move for the show.
  • If Debbie doesn't support Ruth...ugh. Of course not. Horrible person.

Episode 6 - "Work the Leg"

  • You can steal signature moves in rival promotions without looking as bad. Just saying.
  • All the in-fighting. Can't we all just get along?
  • Damn right, Carmen! Tell them to shut the fuck up and get them to knock it off.
  • You're gonna need a montage.
  • I'm guessing Reggie really isn't coming back if she's not been brought up after all this. Poor Reggie. Nobody cares about her.
  • I hate these types of horror films so much. It just isn't my kind of thing.
  • "I'm accustomed to a certain level of failure." Good lord do I know how that feels.
  • Yeah!!! See, Sam supports Ruth! Damn right. This is why I like him and why I hate Debbie. Even if I understand her point of view sometimes, it doesn't make her actions right.
  • And I like Glen now, too.
  • Rhonda hasn't had much to do this season. Actually, has she done anything at all?
  • Well damn. Even on a show like this, I didn't predict the scripted match finish and thought Black Junkchain would win.
  • You can't say Boston Crab?

Episode 7 - "Nothing Shattered"

  • Based off the title, I wonder if she shattered anything. Ha. I know that I'm not funny. You don't need to tell me.
  • "I'll go get a wheelchair. They're free." haha
  • Hey there, Debbie's naked body.
  • I know the context of Stan Hansen and Bruno Sammartino beforehand and as soon as he mentioned it, I smiled.
  • Shit, I'll take a cookie, too. Nutter Butters are good.
  • Oh fuck you, Debbie. Goddamn.
  • Hahaha Reggie. Okay. You proved me wrong.

Episode 8 - "The Good Twin"

  • Poor goat, having to see Cats, especially alone.
  • I don't think Jenny needs a makeover if she has that jacket.
  • Noooo not Thomas's arm!
  • I wonder if anyone ships Black Magic and Papa Shango.
  • "It's hard to enjoy my cereal" hahaha
  • I get the idea, but I'm kind of over this episode. This has been my least favorite one so far, even though I'm sure that's the opposite intention and probably an unpopular opinion.

Episode 9 - "Rosalie"

  • I want pasta.
  • Sandlot!
  • Not a fan of Rosalie.
  • Go with the black one.
  • I don't think Sam and Ruth is a couple I want to see, necessarily.
  • I have a really good version of There's No Hiding Place. Good song.

Episode 10 - "Every Potato Has A Receipt"

  • Strip clubs, for the record, aren't arousing. They're gross on so many levels.
  • Chavo! Carlito!
  • Keith is perpetually a nice guy. Awesome.
  •, I was really thinking the Florian thing was more like Bash was gay. I don't remember any signs that he was into Rhonda.
  • Hit her with the three suplexes, Chavo.
  • Nothing's gonna stop us nooooow
  • I can't help but feel like there are a lot of plots still left hanging, so I definitely need a third season.
Overall Thoughts

Very good season. I really enjoy the vast majority of the characters, so this is actually one of the most consistent shows for me. Some hiccups here and there, but, overall, major thumbs up.


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