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Welcome to another edition of WEEK IN GEEK here at Fanboys Anonymous—a rundown of some of the events, news and stories that went down over the past few days in the geek culture spectrum.

This week in geek culture Fanboys Anonymous nerd recap

Here are some of the topics I felt like voicing my opinions about:

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely Want M.O.D.O.K. in the MCU

They say it's too tricky, and I fully agree with them. How do you pull off even the visuals of this character, without it being too laughable? Still, at some point, we need some M.O.D.O.K. I have all the faith in the world they'll figure it out the right way. Hell, they did with Arnim Zola. Then again, they screwed up Baron Zemo, so...

Campaign to Remake The Last Jedi

Look, I want there to be a complete erase of this movie and to have a redo. But I don't buy this for one second, in any fashion. Sadly.

Lucasfilm Drops Mos Eisley Spaceport Spinoff

See, this is the type of stupid stuff I don't understand. Why did anybody think this would be a good idea for a billion dollar film? This is a standalone comic issue, not a whole big budget movie.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

That's a stupid title. I liked Homecoming, as it fit the high school idea and the homecoming of Spidey to the MCU, but Far From Home, not a fan. I don't like that they're taking Spider-Man off to another field trip. I like Spider-Man in New York, not at the Washington Monument and in Paris and whatnot. I'm also very hesitant to trust the idea of introducing another love interest and making her some hybrid of a bunch of characters like what they had done in Homecoming.

Ewan McGregor Rumored to Reprise Obi-Wan Kenobi Role in Episode IX

Good. He should have been in The Last Jedi with Yoda. And he should have been part of the quartet (along with Luke and Anakin) that revealed that Rey is either Luke's daughter that was in hiding, Han and Leia's kid that was wiped from everyone's memories by Kylo Ren and Snoke, or the next incarnation of "the chosen one" who is tasked to cleanse things again by having a kid with Kylo Ren hahaha. Then, the movie should have been completely different in multiple other ways, too. I don't understand why there wasn't at least one shot of McGregor as Kenobi in the movie, but I also don't understand why 90% of the movie was the way it was.

More LGBT Characters in the MCU

I have no problem with this, as long as it serves a purpose. In my mind, you can assume any character is straight/bi/whatever if they aren't addressed as such, and if it's not part of the plot, there's no reason to make a stance on that character's preferences. It bugs me when there's an obligatory scene where someone has to just state that they're bisexual or something merely for the sake of saying it, rather than it serving any kind of functional purpose whatsoever. Valkyrie had an implied scene where she was potentially in love with another female warrior and that had a point to it, because her death was why she left Asgard. If it had been a man, it would have served the same purpose, but who cares, so making it a woman ended up giving people who need to feel represented something to latch onto (which I think is kind of dumb, personally, but I'm a straight white male, so I apparently can't have an opinion on this, but I'm also the type of person that never looks at ANYBODY as a role model in any fashion, so I'm weird like that). My point of view: the MCU and every film and television franchise should be open to the idea of LGBT representation, but there shouldn't be any concerted efforts to force and shoehorn the idea into anything, just the same as I don't need to have any political messages or propaganda—even the things I personally agree with—put out there if it doesn't serve the story itself. The one lesbian character in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was exactly the same character to the plot with or without that line about her not being into men. That's the difference. If we have Northstar in a future X-Men film, he should be gay. Having Negasonic Teenage Warhead have a girlfriend was just as functional as if she had a boyfriend, and I didn't care one way or the other, so sure, go with Yukio. I liked Yuko. Don't just suddenly throw a scene in there where Falcon goes "By the way, I'm also gay!" for the hell of it, just the same as I don't need Black Widow going "I prefer Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola!" if it has no context. Aaaaand now that I've said all that, someone's going to read this and think I'm somehow anti-LGBT, because everyone always jumps to those extreme conclusions instead of looking at what I'm actually saying.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Set for Magical Premise

Oh great. Just what I wanted. More magic stuff. I think this is going to be the season I stop watching. I've said before that I'm not a big fan of the campy nature of this program, nor has the Arrowverse really kept my favor with the way the writing went downhill. Season 2 of Arrow was my favorite, with season 1 being decent, and 3 being horrible. I stopped watching when they killed Laurel as I saw that as the point of no return. Flash season 1 was great, but it's struggled ever since then. Legends has always been something on the ropes for me and I've never liked the magic side of the DC (or Marvel) universe, and with the cast changing and the campy nature seemingly being on no path to stop, I just don't have high hopes for season 4.

Raphael is Team Leader in New Ninja Turtles Series

So the writers either don't understand the characters, or they're far too obsessed with "doing something different for the sake of it" or the whole point is to illustrate a character arc of how Raphael isn't the best leader and he passes it off to Leonardo. The whole point is that Mikey is the fun idiot, Donny is on the wimpier side but the smartest, Leo is the burdened rational leader and Raph is the strongest, but also the bitter and angry one who can't keep his emotions in check. Making Raph the leader negates Leo's purpose and likely ignores Raph's anger issues. You might as well make Anakin Skywalker the head of the Jedi Council instead of Yoda.

Struggling to Find Replacement for Kathleen Kennedy

Dave Filoni. There. I just did your job for you.

Jumanji 3 Coming December 2019

Welcome to the Jungle was better than I thought it would be. I'm up for another if they have the right idea.

Pennyworth Pilot

Stop it! Stop trying to do these shows where it all takes place before the story. You're going to fall into the same trap every single one of them does, where you'll introduce Batman villains that make no sense. I don't want Alfred fighting proto-Joker or a version of Solomon Grundy.

Jared Leto Cast as Morbius

I hate the Sony approach to Spider-Man and how they want to have a movie for everyone, but this is one of the exceptions. Morbius could actually potentially work as a standalone film. I would be cool with it not happening, though, and the character coming into the MCU fold elsewhere, but okay. As far as casting, no issues. I thought this was an opportunity to cast someone who isn't white, but sure, Leto could pull it off.

Another Look at Robin from Teen Titans

Yesssssss. That is how Dick Grayson / Robin should look! One of the best representations of a comic book character brought to life. Awesome.

Halo TV Series in Production

I'll check it out, maybe. I only played the first video game's multiplayer for a little bit one time, so I'm obviously not too invested in it, but I've always been curious about a live action adaptation of the story, since I'm not particularly familiar with it. Aliens and a faceless military general guy mostly, right? Totally ignorant here. But hey, maybe it'll be cool.


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