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Welcome everyone to the relaunch of an old segment here from Fanboys Anonymous, called WEEK IN GEEK.

In the past, this used to act as an all-inclusive breakdown of the smaller topics throughout the week in all realms of the site, but as you can tell, I've been transitioning to a smaller focus and pretty much a one-man operation here, so instead of this having categories for Movies, TV, Comics, Music and so forth, I'm changing the format a bit.

I've wanted to get my opinions out there about a ton of topics, but I never have the time to dedicate full articles to each of them. So as a bit of a compromise, Week in Geek is going to act as my delivery system for those opinions. Anything that has gone on over the past few days that I feel like voicing my opinions about, I'll be putting here, and it will be a weekly post put out every Friday or so.

In the future, if I can find the resources to dedicate to it, I'll be transitioning this to a podcast as well to be able to go into more detail about certain things and have guests on to talk about them, but for now, that's on the backburner.

Without further ado, let's dive into some of the most recent topics in geek culture I want to talk about!

This week in geek culture Fanboys Anonymous nerd recap

Ralph Breaks the Internet Trailer

I'm concerned this is just going to be a bunch of references to internet memes and such, but I'm going to see the movie, as the first was good.

Helena Bonham Carter = James Bond Villain?

Yes. Do it. Give her a cast of like 3 more villains to go along with her (one being a brute henchman, one being a threat in a gun scene sense and one that you can kill off in a car chase) and give me Carter as the intelligent leader of them. Also, if we're talking Bond film stuff, I'd love for Sting to do the main theme and keep up the trend of the style of things like Skyfall's theme. Those are my favorite Bond songs; not the rock ones. And I'd be super cool with introducing 008 and making him Idris Elba. And while we're talking about casting, maybe Freida Pinto is the good Bond girl in it? Anyway, I'm rambling, but Carter would be a x

Ryan Gosling, Ezra Miller and Donald Glover on Shortlist for New Willy Wonka

...do we need another Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film? I feel like Gosling would be too dry, Miller would be too much like Johnny Depp, and Glover should be focusing his talents on other projects instead of spending time on this movie.

The LEGO Movie 2 Trailer

Well, it didn't wow me, but I'm going to see it anyway.

Keiynan Lonsdale Exits The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

Kid Flash really was pushed aside this past season, and I thought it was because they had nothing for him to do, but it's disappointing to see that it's because Lonsdale just wants to move on. I was hoping he'd stick around, and I'm still hoping he pops up once in a while for cameos and such. At the very least, he was a more than welcome addition to Legends of Tomorrow, as I'm struggling to find a reason to continue watching that show. I don't like the campy nature of it. Never have. I know that that means it's most likely "not for me" but I'm trying to keep giving it a chance to step away from Doctor Who and go more into some cool stuff. Kid Flash being on that show helped it out a bit for me, and with him not being even on that, I don't know...

Thoughts on Cloak and Dagger Premiere

It's a little too soap opera for me and I'm not liking any of the characters enough to really get invested, but I'm going to try to give it a few episodes before signing off.

First Look at Addams Family Animated Movie

That art style is awful. I don't care if it looks like the original. It looks stupid. The proportions are insane. Gomez and Fester, in particular, look so weird. Why does Wednesday have such a stretched out head? Lurch is cool, though.

Kelly Marie Tran's Social Media Harassment / Kathleen Kennedy May Step Down

Look, I hated The Last Jedi for its philosophy behind the franchise, the fact that they clearly haven't planned this out well, and that the ruined the entire story of what came before. I absolutely hate it, and it's legitimately soured my love of the whole series, to a point where I simply don't enjoy any of it anymore—even the stuff from before.

I think they're a little too focused on this SJW type of mentality to the point that it hindered their ability to tell a functional story, and that Finn is the only good new character (yes, I said it), with Rose most likely being the absolute worst of the bunch. But holy shit, even if I feel that badly about the series, I'm not taking my frustrations out on Kelly Marie Tran. She didn't write the damn thing.

People who start going on racist tirades and stuff are ridiculous. People who don't like the movies just because the new protagonist is a woman are absurd. People who are mad at the Rose character for being Asian...really? Are you serious?

Kathleen Kennedy does need to step down, though, as I think The Force Awakens only made as much money as it did because it was the first new Star Wars film, and Rogue One was a curiosity factor as well, but The Last Jedi really pissed off a lot of people and Solo was interesting, but not necessarily "good", so she's certainly not pulling a Kevin Feige here.

Green Lantern Corps Could Focus on Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz

Even though the purist in me wishes we had Hal Jordan, because he's the most consequential Green Lantern, I fully support the interest in focusing on making things more diverse. I never liked Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner is okay in my book, but John Stewart is my #2 GL based off the animated series. However, I think having only Wonder Woman on the team is a bit of an underestimation of women, and even though I don't know anything about Jessica Cruz, I do like the idea of using her as the main GL. Simon Baz, well, I don't know much about him, either, but I think the trick here is to make Green Lantern Corps an ensemble piece with the protagonist being Jessica. Guy can be an asshole, Stewart can be a hard-ass military dude, Hal can be his normal self, etc.

Comcast Still Wants FOX

Stop it. Stop that. FOX needs to sell to Disney and nobody else, so we can get the Fantastic 4 and X-Men characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. None of this Comcast shit. Knock it off.

The Batman's Villain is The Penguin?

I really hope not, bu if we do get Penguin, I hope it's more of the businessman type.

I was hoping the villain for this film would be a combination of Red Hood and Deathstroke. I think it would be great if the plot were Red Hood looking for vengeance, coming back from the dead, training with Deathstroke, and we can get Nightwing in the movie. That way, we have Batman and Nightwing against Deathstroke and Red Hood. And Barbara Gordon can make an appearance, too, to set up her involvement in Birds of Prey, which should totally revolve around Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Black Canary and Huntress.

Kick-Ass Reboot and/or More Films to Come

Give me Kick-Ass 3 and finish out the story. Don't give me a reboot. Don't give me an origin story for Hit-Girl.

Also, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was a major let down for me. If you're going to do a third film, you need to bring Roxy back, or I'll be pissed. She shouldn't have been killed off at all. No reason for it whatsoever. Sad Merlin had to go, but I'm more okay with that than Roxy's death.

Trailer for New Halloween Film

Horror films aren't my thing, but I've seen a couple of Halloween films. Trying to go back and act as if the sequels and reboots and stuff didn't happen is most likely a good thing, but I don't think it'll save the movie from the tropes that will probably create the same flaws that almost all of these films have. Still, that theme song is so dope and I'm more interested in this than I am the past bunch of Halloween films that have come out in X amount of years.

DC Universe Digital Streaming Service Coming in August?

I have no idea if August is a good launch time for it, but Titans looks like it has the Batman aspect 100% down and the rest of it 100% awful. I'm really curious what will happen with that show. This streaming service isn't something that I can imagine a lot of people signing up for, but if they include all of the animated films they've been producing, as well as all of the DC movies that they've ever created, and they create content where people do those animated comic book voiceover things, then maybe it could be decent. It better be $4.99 or at most, $9.99, though. If it's anything more, nobody is going to buy it.


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