Alternate Names for the DCEU Movies Franchise Now that DC Extended Universe is No More | Fanboys Anonymous
It was recently clarified that the term DC Extended Universe (or DCEU) is actually not the official branding, and nobody within the company uses that term.

Of course, this may be an effort to move away from crossover films in general after more and more news reports keep coming out that DC is having too much of a struggle trying to sort out how their films link up, and how they may be wanting to distance themselves from the concept of one big shared universe in general.

So, keeping in mind that this is all potentially nonsense and DC could revert back to standalone films just because they didn't have the foresight and planning in mind to set up a proper outline before rushing into things, if we do see the shared universe continue, what should they call it?

Here are a few of my quick thoughts on some suggestions, just because I have nothing better to do but to brainstorm about things that someone else is being paid not to do, apparently.

DCU - DC Universe

The problem with this is that the DCU should refer to everything within the DC properties, including comics, television shows, films, animated movies, and so forth. There's nothing to distinguish it as being their connected films.

DCFU - DC Film Universe

What's funny about this, and the reason why they can't call it that, is because it has FU in it. People are already critical of how DC has handled their films, so to evoke a "fuck you" from the fan base would be disastrous.

DCCU - DC Cinematic Universe

Copying Marvel too much, eh?

DCMU - DC Movie Universe

This is the best possible option and my favorite, which I hope they adopt going forward.

It's simple, it tells you exactly what it points to (without running into an issue with people wondering if the TV shows are connected, cause they never, ever will be) and it doesn't complicate things with overly wordy language or unnecessarily confusing terms like "Extended" which never specified a damn thing.

DC Elseworlds

If this is going to be a situation where everything is only partially connected and some stories will be standalone while others won't be, just call it Elseworlds and be done with it.


Let everyone be confused and think that everything's connected and then have to backtrack and explain things a million times like what you're doing now, not learning a single lesson along the way after all these years.

Also, cancel that Joker origin film. Nobody wants that.

Those are my thoughts on the issue, but what are your suggestions? Drop them in the comments below!


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