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The latest entry in Marvel's Netflix television series is Iron Fist, surrounding the story of Danny Rand and leading us one step closer to The Defenders. Season 1 was just released, which means it's time to start binge-watching all 13 episodes.

So far, the advanced reviews have treated it pretty poorly, stating it is by far the worst of the bunch and has virtually no redeeming qualities. Going into the show with those expectations should be interesting, but let's hope that there are more positives than negatives.

Instead of doing my standard "episode 1 first impressions" video or a Minute Man Review of sorts, I figured we would try something different here. As I go along and watch this season, I'll be adding notes of my thoughts throughout each episode as almost a stream of consciousness. Then, we'll wrap everything up with a full season recap and review to see just how good or bad the overall package was.

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Marvel's Iron Fist Season 1 (2017)

Scott Buck

Scott Buck, Scott Reynolds, John Byrne, Chris Claremont, Bill Everett, Gil Kane and Roy Thomas

Finn Jones (Danny Rand / Iron Fist), Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing), Jessica Stroup (Joy Meachum), David Wenham (Harold Meachum), Ramon Fernandez (Kevin Singleton), Tom Pelphrey (Ward Meachum), Lewis Tan (Zhou Cheng), and Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple)

Returning to New York City after being missing for years, Daniel Rand fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his incredible kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.


Episode 1 - "Snow Gives Way"

- Neat opening credits. Not what I expected.
- Uh...this opening scene and it's music are a strange way to start this off. I'm not sure if I wanted to jump into the story this way, but let's see.
- Homeless dude is nice. He's probably going to die, isn't he?
- Ward is a dick. He needs to eat a fist. An iron fist. Joy is okay for now but she's doomed to be a traitor down the line.
- Yup. Homeless dude can't even make it one full episode.

Episode 2 - "Shadow Hawk Takes Flight"

- We aren't going to spend too too much time with this whole "maybe he isn't Danny Rand" thing, right? We know he is, so don't waste the audience's time. As long as it's cleared up by the end of this episode, I'm okay with it.
- I also wouldn't mind a little humor.
- If he were really Canadian, he'd be more apologetic and less willing to fight people. Also, he'd probably want a donut instead of that chicken parm. Damn it. Now I want a chicken parm and a donut.
- So Colleen just casually carries around a sword? Oh. Nevermind.
- Why is Colleen doing the Molly Shannon "superstar" thing with her hands under her armpits? Just don't smell them.
- Is it wrong that I kind of like Harold?
- Cool shot with the window writing/handprint.
- Dat product placement.

Episode 3 - "Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch"

- Digging Colleen in the sleepwear.
- Darryl is so dead.
- Oh hey, Hogarth...and she has a heart?
- Very nice transition of the sheets to snow.
- That whole restaurant scene was very CW.
- So that scene with Colleen in the cage was mostly just to try to make her look legitimately tough again after losing her sparring session with Danny, wasn't it? Not a fan of transparent stuff like that. We already saw that she can handle herself. Losing to the fucking Iron Fist is no dishonor. At least she'd better keep doing this for money to bite her in the ass down the line. She also needs to have to fight Darryl.

Episode 4 - "Eight Diagram Dragon Palm"

- Can we actually see the dragon in this episode? Probably not, right?
- After 15 years, why didn't they change the company name from Rand to Meachum?
- I'd like to see a face turn for Ward. All of these shows have a good person revealed to be a heel and I'd like a switch on the trope expectations.
- Gender-bending Hogarth really was such a smart decision, as was her casting. Moss is charming despite also seeming like such a bitch.
- I'm getting a suspicion that in an episode or two, the villain will switch over again like what happened in Luke Cage.
- Colleen in a white outfit? I see what you're doing here. Nice :-)
- T minus 10 minutes before Danny and Joy bang.
- Hahahaha we have a hallway fight scene. Everyone is jealous of Daredevil.
- Madame Gao is boss
- Well, that was some dragon

Episode 5 - "Under Leaf Pluck Lotus"

- Someone really, really wanted to do that first shot and made it a priority, didn't they?
- Since we didn't see a dragon last episode, what's the likelihood this doesn't have a lotus in it?
- Drugs'll kill you, Ward.
- Okay, so we have a paper flower. Does that mean we'll get a paper dragon?
- Sup Claire? Been a while. Such an endearing character. She's really a highlight of this section of the MCU.
- I'm so hungry.
- Chastity, eh? No wonder you didn't bang Joy before the hatchet men showed up.
- Do we need another playful flirting karate scene?
- This pier stuff is taking forever and it isn't even fun. Get to the point already.
- "When are they gonna get to the fireworks factory?!"
- There better be a vampire kid here that Danny shoots in the heart with a bow and arrow. (Vampires are my theory of what Black Sun and the revival tech and all boils down to, with Blade coming into the mix after The Defenders)
- Don't fuck with Gao, son.

Episode 6 - "Immortal Emerges From Cave"

- Thanks for that butcher shot. That cured my hunger pangs.
- Taaaaake oooooon meeeee. Taaaaake meeee ooooon. I'll beeee gooooone in a day or twoooooooooo
- I can't help but feel like this entire power plant cancer storyline is entirely filler added after they realized they had nothing else for the Meachums to do once they started fucking with The Hand. I hope they prove me wrong.
- Danny should talk to Stick instead. Or Obi-Wan.
- So do they wash those towels in that well, or is that a job for a laundromat?
- Challenge #2 is hot.
- Ha. Claire said "sweet Christmas" which means Luke Cage is rubbing off on her (giggity)
- I would be okay with Gao meeting her end in this season. She's made her mark.
- The glowing hand effect isn't really a wow factor.
- Sabina is cute. She's still a side quest to eat up time, though.
- Oh damn, Gao.

Episode 7 - "Felling With Tree Routes"

- Why would you cut your finger off after specifically wanting to avoid cutting your finger off?
- This is usually the point where things slow down and I think it's been pretty slow already. Don't do this.
- Also, we still haven't seen the costume, the dragon, or Turk. Come on.
- Colleen's rocking those shorts again. Can't blame Danny for opting out of that whole chastity vow. Shouldn't the "You sure?" line be Colleen asking him, though?
- I feel like this is the end for Ward.
- "Don't forget to watch your plant, Danny. It is your responsibility now." I repeat, Gao is boss.
- Wait, who is this bearded dude again?
- Boy, Roxxon sure does have some bloody hands and yet we haven't seen them get what's coming to them in the MCU so far.
- RIP Harold.

Episode 8 - "The Blessing Of Many Fractures"

- Good fakeout, Ward.
- Luke Cage wrote a prison letter. Nice touch.
- Homeless people to the rescue again.
- Jessica Jones spied on the company? Even better than the Luke Cage letter thing.
- Drunk dude is cool. He should come back.

Episode 9 - "The Mistress Of All Agonies"

- Yesssss. Harold rocks. He can kill Ward now. Little John Malkovich looking traitor.
- Still waiting on that dragon and costume and Turk cameo.
- So you're just gonna keep selling hot dogs after this random lunatic stuck his hand in the water?
- You would get sick of ice cream pretty damn fast, Kyle.

Episode 10 - "Black Tiger Steals Heart"

- Is this another CW episode of needlessly wasting time by having everyone argue?
- Isn't Davos the big villain for Iron Fist? I guess they're doing the Baron Mordo thing.
- Yeah, this feels like a waste of an episode almost. These seasons are always a few episodes too long and it seems like this is stretched out. I kind of want it to just reach it's conclusion already.
- Also, who is the big bad? Obviously The Hand is, but you can't introduce this bearded dude so late and have me think he's the big monster to overcome if that's the case.

Episode 11 - "Lead Horse Back To Stable"

- Oh great. Just skip over the dragon. It's not like that wasn't one of the main things people were interested in seeing. I'm sure another board room meeting was a better decision. Much more exciting.
- Maybe if you showed his powers being more than just a glowing fist that seemingly does almost nothing more than normal beyond a slight upgrade, I would feel more threatened that he can't get over losing his power.
- "You cut off the head and the snake will die." No, two more will take its place.

Episode 12 - "Bar the Big Boss"

- This has lost a lot of steam despite how it should be the most entertaining right now just before the finale.
- Also, I'm hoping they don't change the primary villain again and the title means that he'll be fighting an actual bar.
- The Davos heel turn is completely unearned. This dude hasn't done enough yet for it to mean anything.
- That music cue is inspired by Interstellar, right?
- I'm also way past the point of seeing extended sequences of Danny Rand doing the same meditation poses. I get it. I've seen it about 30 times by now. Setting this one to some lighthearted hip hop stuff doesn't change it up outside of making it feel like an awkward music choice.

Episode 13 - "Dragon Plays With Fire"

- If we don't at least get the costume here, I'll be pissed.
- Come ooooooon. This is the finale. Why is this so boring? Get on with it! I'm halfway through and it's mostly people just going "oh man, we're still so scowly like we've been for 12 and a half episodes already."
- LOL at the shot where he flies through the window. That was supposed to be so much cooler than it came off.
- This was the most underwhelming finale of the five seasons we've had so far.
- How do you not have the easiest costume to put on screen? You were able to do TWO Daredevil costumes, Jessica Jones pulled out her Jewel attire, Punisher had his stuff and Luke Cage wore his crazy getup, but a yellow bandana and a green shirt was too hard to pull off?
- Very, very disappointed with how this all turned out in the end. I still think Jessica Jones had half a season of filler but this season with Iron Fist just felt like it was poorly balanced from the very start.


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