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6 Flicks Picks for 2017 Movie Releases

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, January 1, 2017
Welcome to a special edition of 6 Flicks Picks to jump-start the year 2017!

Naturally, this breakdown won't be listing the releases of every single movie that will be coming out in the year—partially because that's too daunting of a task and partially because even the studios don't know all of those yet—but it will still follow the same format as far as the picks go. This will be much harder, as there are hundreds of films that will be coming out, but it still boils down to the same concept: if I had to pick only six movies that I could watch, which ones would they be?

Without further ado, let's take a look at what makes my cut for 2017!

What movies are coming out 2017 6 Flicks Picks

6 FLICKS PICKS for 2017

This is so difficult, especially because I don't even know how many movies are going to come out that I'm completely unaware of. That being said, there are some huge films scheduled for the year, so I ended up sticking to some pretty standard choices. Even still, that in itself made this hard, because when this is based on a monthly list, they aren't in direct competition with one another. I actually got my list down to 10 and then got stuck.

What Didn't Make the List: There's some movies that I'm very intrigued about, but given the much more massive importance of the six below, they needed to be bumped off the list. It was so hard to take some of these and not include them, because I started off with a list of over 15 that were guarantees. Some of those names which didn't make the cut are God Particle, Dunkirk, The Mummy, Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island, The Lego Batman Movie and the fact that I have no idea what Pixar films are coming out but they're usually good. While I'm mildly intrigued when it comes to Transformers: The Last Knight, I've been burned 3 out of 4 times, and they're not getting my money this time. I wasn't a big fan of Blade Runner, so I'm not thrilled about Blade Runner 2049, but if I rewatch the original, maybe I'll have a different opinion about it and this will change as well. By far, though, the three hardest cuts I had to make were Logan, Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok. The reasoning I have for Logan not making it is how I was disappointed with X-Men: Apocalypse and so far, while I've liked the teaser trailer, I'm not going ballistic like I am about some of the other films here. Thor: Ragnarok should be a super fun edition of the MCU saga, but I'm getting worried they're cramming in too much and the tone will be weird, making it disjointed and odd. I can't help but feel like there's a better movie that could be made if they didn't have half the elements they're claiming will be in the movie. With Wonder Woman, it's more so me having my reservations about the DCEU. Justice League is on the list below, but that is such a big film that it supersedes my hesitations. Plus, it has Batman in it, while Wonder Woman doesn't. I'm still very much looking forward to all these movies which were runner-ups, but the nature of the beast is that I can only pick six for the whole year. So which ones made the cut? Let's see...

6. Power Rangers — Do I think this will be good? Nope. Do I think it has potential? Ehhh...maybe. What this basically boils down to is nostalgia. I was a huge fan of the original series and when they announced that they would do a darker reboot, I immediately was on board to watch it and probably be disappointed. If I saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film and I watch all these comic book movies, why wouldn't I also apply that to Power Rangers? This could really be a total catastrophe, but they'll get $15 out of me.

5. Kingsman: The Golden Circle — I LOOOOVED the first Kingsman film and I'm so happy the majority of moviegoers agreed with me on that. Typically, sequels are very black and white where they either improve on the first and go the Terminator 2: Judgment Day or The Empire Strikes Back route or they fall victim to just copying and pasting what came beforehand and they suck, so I hope we get the former rather than the latter, but based off how much I enjoyed Eggsy's adventure before, I think this is going to kick so much ass.

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming — So, so, so many things about this movie are making me concerned. I don't like Ned Leeds being Peter's friend, I don't like how we might not get Mary Jane OR Gwen Stacy in this (or if we do, we'll get a totally different version of MJ based on how Zendaya's attitude comes off in the first trailer). I don't like how there's no Harry Osborn, or how Flash Thompson doesn't seem like a true imposing bully, or a litany of other things, but it's still Spider-Man, and he's my second-favorite superhero of all time behind Batman. Having Iron Man in the film and casting Michael Keaton as The Vulture are elements I'm getting super excited about.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — Baby Groot should be enough said. I was shitting all over Guardians of the Galaxy before it came out, convinced it would ruin the MCU, and here we are with that being one of the best of the franchise. James Gunn has my total faith and everything we've seen so far has not made me worried, so this shoots up past some other contenders and gets the third to highest rank.

2. Justice League — It's Batman and Superman and The Flash and Wonder Woman and Green Lan...wait, why is Green Lantern not in this movie and Cyborg is? That's stupid as hell. And why are they fighting Steppenwolf instead of Darkseid or OMAC or something else? Damn it, don't screw this up, guys.

1. Star Wars: Episode VIII — Every year, Star Wars is going to be the top film I'm looking forward to, save for possibly Avengers: Infinity War. Get used to it. It's not going to change. We don't even know the name of Episode 8 yet but that doesn't matter, as I want some lightsaber action!


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