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Unboxing SuperHeroStuff Star Wars Rebel Scum HeroBox December 2016

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, December 16, 2016
We're back with another unboxing video from SuperHeroStuff.com for December 2016 to celebrate the upcoming release of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story along with the holiday season rapidly approaching.

That's no moon...that's a mystery box! The STAR WARS: REBEL SCUM HEROBOX® to be exact. Celebrate the original trilogy and the release of Rogue One with two curated collections of Star Wars awesomeness: the Gold Edition and the Silver Edition. Limited to just 450 boxes.

Prepare for intergalactic war with our new limited edition mystery box featuring our favorites from the Star Wars Saga and this December's Rogue One. How exactly do Jyn Erso and her team of resistance fighters get the plans to the Death Star? That's not nearly as big of a mystery as what's inside this box.

The Empire can be a bunch of real jerks, can't they? Way back in the day, the galaxy was a nice democratically elected republic with senators, politics, and lobbying just like we have today. Unfortunately due to the machinations of the Sith, the Republic was destroyed through a series of measures that the democratically elected senate decided was a good idea. In order to preserve 'safety' of the Republic-Turned-Empire against the Confederacy of Independent Systems and newly born Rebel Alliance, the Senate was destroyed and all power given to the Chancellor...who turned out to be Sith! Awwww! We were bamboozled!

Of course people in the galaxy can't just sit by idly as the galaxy's freedoms and liberties are trampled. Oh no, they have to do something! Adopting the symbol of the House of Marek(thank you Force Unleashed), the Rebel Alliance decided to stick it to the Empire. Not only did they blow up the Death Star once, but twice...and maybe a third time if you count Starkiller base! On the bright side of things, we are going to get even more Rebel Alliance themed goodies...and here I thought 'Rogue Squadron' was the best we were going to get! Star Wars: Rogue One is a brand new moving coming out soon that will finally tell us the story on how the original Death Star plans were stolen. All I know is it involved Bothans!

What is the best way to lend your support to the Rebel Alliance while at the same time showing solidarity against the Empire and the Sith? You have plenty options available to you! You could go sign up at your local Jedi Temple or you could hop in your X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, or if you are super fancy B-Wing and come help the war effort! Oh, you don't know where your local Jedi Temple is and you don't have any spacecraft? That's alright...you could always just get the SuperheroStuff Rebel Scum HeroBox! 'Scum' here is of course a term of endearment that the Imperials will never understand. They thing it is some kind of derogatory term! HA! The Rebel Scum HeroBox is available in two different types. A normal one for those that are still leery of the Empire's reach while the ultimate one contains everything a rebel would need(has hand-picked by our exceptionally trained droids)! You'll get a shirt but beyond that it is anybody's guess! You could get buttons, lanyards, POP Fun FUNKO figures, pint glasses, travel mugs, beanies, hackey sacks, ice cube trays, fabric flags...all sorts of goodies! They all have the Rebel Alliance in common though and how often do you get to see a mystery gift box with such laser focus? Exactly!

Gold Edition: $69
Silver Edition: $49

If you want to get in on the fun and reserve yourself some cool stuff for next month, place your order at SuperHeroStuff HeroBox and use the code 15-HERO-BOX to save 15% off your order of $40+.

Thanks again to SuperHeroStuff for sending this our way!

HeroBox Gold Edition Unboxing SuperHeroStuff

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