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Spider-Man: Homecoming Plot Speculation with Civil War Fallout

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, May 20, 2016
What do we know for sure will happen with Spider-Man: Homecoming? Tony Stark will make an appearance, Vulture is the rumored villain, and Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei will return as Peter Parker and Aunt May.

That's not much to go on, but that shouldn't stop us from speculating on some plot elements, right?

After watching Captain America: Civil War, I have been mulling over a few ideas that stood out to me:

Spider-Man: Homecoming plot details speculation

The Sokovia Accords and the "Menace"

We never saw Spider-Man sign the necessary papers to make him an official government operative. This seems like a gross oversight and completely against what Tony Stark was hoping to achieve, particularly since he had such a bad reaction to finding out that a young kid had died from the actions of Ultron. Why would he recruit another kid, put him in danger, and let him stay off the government list?

Well, we saw that Peter looks up to both Stark and Captain America. The latter is rumored to also have an appearance in the movie, so what if Spider-Man is playing both sides, in a way? What if he's not signing up for the government, and Stark is protecting him from this responsibility because he's under 18 and Stark kind of sees more of Cap's side now?

One person who would have a problem with this is J. Jonah Jameson, who would be quick to refer to Spider-Man in typical form as a menace and a vigilante who works outside of the law in the wrong way and so on and so forth.

Stark Industries vs. Oscorp

Tony Stark should also have an influence on the plot when it comes to the tech world that Spider-Man frequently battles. Of course, Oscorp needs to be at the center of the conflict, and I think that company works best as an alternative to Stark Industries. I can definitely see a scenario where Norman Osborn has taken over a lot of the military contracts that Stark no longer is interested in, but he also wants to focus more on biological manipulation rather than trying to build more suits. Iron Man already corners the market on the armored concept, right? The Vulture suit could be based somewhat off Stark's designs, but Osborn could be against putting too many resources into another suit. Basically, this puts Osborn between Adrian Toombs and Spider-Man, all the while getting closer to unlocking the secrets within Peter's DNA.

The Supporting Cast of Characters

I do in fact think that the homecoming dance will play a part in the story, and it's not just thrown into the title to be cutesy about coming back home to Marvel control. Since high school should be involved, I'm really hoping to see Peter's classmates fleshed out quite a bit. His best friend needs to be Harry Osborn, and I'd love for Charlie Rowe to be cast in that role. Flash Thompson and Kenny "Kong" McFarlane would be great bullies. Give me Randy Robertson dating Glory Grant (his date for the homecoming dance) as well as some Liz Allan. Maybe Peter has a few options for the dance that include not just Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy but also Carlie Cooper and Indira Daimonji? What if Harry is dating Lily Hollister? That would be pretty sweet, I think. There are so many background classmates who could have cameos that would be great; for example Flash could be picking on a couple of fat kids who are Angelina Brancale and Arnie Gunderson.

No More Hope for Certain Opportunities

For a long while, I had a few ideas that I thought could really be neat, but I no longer think there's any chance that they'll be happening. The biggest of these was that Kraven would be the primary villain, with Scorpion serving as the secondary one. Kraven could approach Peter as a father figure and want to train him, giving the audience a chance to learn about his backstory (through Peter trusting Kraven and telling him about Uncle Ben and how he got his powers) while also allowing Peter to gain more control over his abilities. Kraven could be on the hunt for "the ultimate game," Scorpion, who is created through Oscorp using the same science connected to Peter. Also, Kraven could be seeking the Oz formula for himself and would somewhat hunt Spider-Man as well, because they would have conflicting ideologies with regard to how to handle Scorpion. Peter doesn't kill and Kraven exclusively does.

Another hope that's been dashed is the possibility that Kingpin will crossover in some fashion as Peter searches for the man who killed Uncle Ben, who could end up being an associate of Wilson Fisk's past (or present). Admittedly, I really just wanted to see the TV shows appear in some fashion in the movies, and since Daredevil and Spider-Man have worked together so much in the past, that would have been a great opportunity that I think is going to be completely missed.

What do you think will end up going down with Spider-Man: Homecoming? Are you excited for the reboot now that we've had our first taste of Tom Holland as Peter Parker, or are you nervous that even Marvel can't bring the character back on track? Tell us your ideas and predictions in the comments below!

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