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6 Storyline Ideas for 2017 Star Trek TV Series on CBS

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, November 10, 2015
On the heels of the announcement that CBS is creating a new Star Trek TV series to debut on their paid subscription service in 2017, many fans are left wondering what this new voyage could be about. After all, we've seen everything from alternate timelines to the prequel missions. For almost 50 years, the franchise has taken us where no man has gone before. We've fallen in love with the diverse cultures, the utopian societies, and all that kickass technology we wish we had. I grew up a devout Star Wars fan, feeling like there was a competition among the two worlds, but it wasn't until I got married that I really fell in love with Gene Roddenberry's creation. Next thing I knew, my kids were being named after characters and I'd watched all the episodes numerous times. With Trekkers and Trekkies alike all celebrating, let's go over a few of possible storylines I'd like to see in the new series.

new Star Trek television show storyline concepts

1. A New "Next Generation"

The great thing about all of the different series is that they all tied in together in some way. They weren't separate entities that contradicted each other. Many of the characters crossed over to other shows, and sometimes storyline holes were explained on other series. There was this fundamental unity that had fans in love with the whole Star Trek universe, not just the show. One of the things I'd really like to see is the recasting of The Next Generation. A new Jean Luc Picard, a new Worf, and a new Captain Riker to name a few. It's true that this storyline would be limiting since there are only two options, redoing the series or creating an alternate timeline like they did with the recent movies, but it would be nice to see some beloved characters revamped and back for more action.

Star Trek The Next Generation Cast photo

2. A Static Storyline

One of the greatest things about the Deep Space Nine series I liked was that the show was able to explore static storylines that the other series didn't touch on. Religion, building societies, and raising a family. Captain Sisko was the only captain with a son and an encouraged love interest. We saw the perils of single fatherhood and love while being captain. In the other series, romantic encounters were discouraged and often not explored for more than an episode of two. DS9 also explored the religious depth of the Bajoran prophets. If the new series even contained a fraction of the diversity that DS9 had, I'll be happy.

Deep Space Nine space station photos

3. A Different Federation

Another option would be to explore more than just the Federation. How about a series that takes place outside the Federation? How about the rebellious Maquis? Let's see what it is like to be them for a change; what motivated them? True, most of them were destroyed, but we could see how it began. Even something on the pleasure planet of Risa would be fun to explore. Let's take away the wars and the diplomacy and see who shows up for vacation.

Star Trek pleasure planet Risa Stark Trek

4. A New Ship with New Enemies

We've had Enterprise (quite a few times), Voyager, and even the Defiant. Let's have a new ship with an awesome new name and send it out into the void to explore a new quadrant of space. Don't bring back the Borg or any of the old species. The great thing about Voyager was getting to explore all the new aliens that the other series didn't have a chance to see. Something reprising that would take an interesting turn.

Enterprise ship Star Trek

5. Even MORE In The Future

Many of the series were relatively close together timewise, with some of the series even overlapping. How about mixing it up a bit? Let's go even farther into the future and see what happens. After the Dominion war, perhaps even centered around a fall of the Federation? We could fall in love with a cast composed of future generations of some of the other series.

Star Trek Dominion War

6. Let's Try Enterprise, Again

It's no secret that ST: Enterprise is a widely criticized series. I actually enjoyed it, but felt it really fell apart with the infamous time-jumping began. It distracted from the original intent of the show, to document the voyage of Earth's first deep-space vessel. I loved how they were just learning about technology, especially the teleporter, they didn't really use replicators for everything, and their medical practices were still growing. While a little more relatable, it was nice to see the society without all its sophistication and watch them explore and learn just how they got there. I would love for the new series to have a little of this rustic charm.

Star Trek Enterprise Season One Cast

There you go. These are my top six suggestions for what I'd live to see on the new series. What would you like to see? Do you agree with my ideas or not? Leave a comment and let me know.

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