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Can We Get a Worthwhile Spartacus Game?

Posted by Guest Writer Thursday, September 17, 2015
Just as screenwriters can easily look to historical events for inspiration, the same can be said for video game developers. It's easy enough to make another Madden game as it is to throw the Assassin's Creed universe into a different era, right? Of course it is—well, one is probably more complicated than the other, but you get the point. That being said, there's one historical character who definitely hasn't gotten his just due: Spartacus.

Before diving into how he's been wronged in gaming, let's take a look at how he's been treated well in popular culture. The Starz network's aptly titled Spartacus series was short-lived, sure, but it did some marvelous things in its three seasons. Also, one reason it didn't necessarily last as long as it should have was that the first actor to play Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, tragically passed away and the production was delayed. Sure, the ensuing seasons were solid, but Whitfield was fantastic in the role, no doubt reflect in the IMDb rating of the series.

Speaking of ratings, how about this Metacritic score for Spartacus Legends? Yes, this is the game alluded to earlier and, yes, it is a complete and utter disappointment. The only upside here is that it's free to play (for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners), which means you at least your wallet won't feel any pain in this scenario. Your brain will, though, as soon as you fire up what amounts to a mind-numbingly painful experience. The gameplay is dull, at best, and if you want to get past the constant grinding to upgrade your character, you actually have to spend some dough.

Spartacus Legends

The only Spartacus games to exist in recent memory are on gambling casino sites. This area of the online platform exists as a means of giving users something to do between rounds of bingo or as a mini-respite from that particular game. And among the most popular titles, most of which bring to mind your typical animated and cartoon-y casino options, is one starring Spartacus. It's action is described as throwing the player into "an arena of possibility," which makes the desire for a proper Spartacus game that much stronger.

Can you imagine a properly executed title featuring this Thracian gladiator whose history is rich and tale is fantastic? He's the ideal candidate for his own game, especially when you consider the fact that a fictional character by the name of Kratos has one of the best action franchises in God of War. So why not Spartacus, a guy who actually existed and led a freakin' slave rebellion against the Romans?! Come on, developers—get your act together and give this guy the game he so deserves. Maybe it's time to give the HD remakes a break for a year or two and create something truly original. Who knows, if it's done right, we could have a brand-new franchise on our hands that's actually worth playing. It's a long shot, but here's hoping Nolan North's new project is somehow in the same realm.

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