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News regarding the Lionsgate and Saban Brands 2017 movie reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been rather minimal in the months since its announcement in May 2014. Currently, only names of the writers, Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward Miller (Thor, X-Men:First Class), director Dean Israelite (Project Almanac), executive producers Jon Feltheimer and Shuki Levy, and producers Brian Casentini, Haim Saban, and Allison Shearmur had been announced, with no legitimate cast attached. It was recently revealed by Collider that sources close to the project have given them the character descriptions of the protagonists involved.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2017 reboot cast Dean Israelite
The Original Power Rangers!
Fans of the original television series can rest assured that the movie does in fact plan on some new takes on some very familiar teenagers with attitude:
Jason – 17 years old, the makings of someone or something great if he would just get out of his own way. Jason was a legend in town—a freshman quarterback with the skills to take him all the way. People knew his name and children wore his jersey, until one night Jason wrapped his car around a pole and busted out his knee. Everything Jason was going to become ended in an instant. With that, he lost himself. When we meet him at the start of the film, he’s a kid in need of redemption. By the end, he'll be leading this disparate group of teens as they shed their individual baggage and find who they truly are.
Kimberly – 17 years old, unconventionally cool the way all popular girls wish they were. In fact, she was one of those girls but isn't anymore, not since she’s returned to school after a 6-month absence. Rumors are flying as to why she left, but she seems not to care; she’s come back with a new rebel-without-a-cause, edgy attitude. The truth is, however, it’s all masking a deep secret that makes her feel profoundly vulnerable.
Trini – 17 years old, mysterious and extremely bright. Her parents constantly move for work, making her the perpetual new girl to any school. A loner who owns it, Trini is self-sufficient and contemplative but always observant. All she wants is to find a gang of friends, but she’ll never admit it—least of all to herself.
Billy – 17 years old, slight and awkward. Billy is challenged in his abilities to communicate and interact socially. Whip-smart and sweet but always odd, sometimes in a fun way, sometimes not, Billy is a kid with no filter. Showing his emotions, understanding sarcasm, and dealing with his OCD is a constant challenge. He has never really had any friends and instantly gravitates toward Jason.
Zack – 17 years old, always the life of the party. Filled with bravado and swagger, Zack’s tough and cool on the exterior. A charming guy who’s never had trouble with the one-liners or lacked confidence around women. A great athlete that’s never wanted to play on any team but his own. Zack advertises everything about himself except the truth: that he lives in a trailer park with his single mom. Because of this, he feels deeply inferior to all his peers.
After looking over these descriptions, it seems to fall into line with earlier statements from Dean Israelite regarding the "mature but still playful" nature of the script. I hope that the movie will involve some martial arts for the characters just like Jason in the show. In the end, I hope they can still make the film enjoyable and family-friendly in the same way the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been.

Speaking of tone, it was recently revealed by That Hashtag Show that sources close to the production say the tone will be similar to that of the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies with a dynamic of The Breakfast Club seen among the teenagers. This isn't a bad move for the small-scale character moments, but I also hope that the large-scale action will be more akin to The Avengers and Pacific Rim.

It was also revealed that actor Logan Miller (from Disney XD's I'm in the Band and the voice actor of Nova from Ultimate Spider-Man) was in talks with Dean Israelite for the movie. As the movie appears to follow the original series, it can be assumed he will be playing our favorite nerd Billy.

Blue Ranger casting Logan Miller Power Rangers
So what do you think of the character descriptions? Do you like the way Jason and the gang will be portrayed? What do you all think of Logan Miller as a Ranger? Let us know in the comments below!

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