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Free to Play Game Warframe Gets A New Cyber Ninja

Posted by Kym Pressley Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Developer Digital Extremes released a major update for Warframe. As with all of their major updates, it comes with brand new locations, weapons, bug fixes, and cosmetic equipment. It doesn't end there, however; there are also new quests, boss battles, and a overhauled parkour system. It feels more like an expansion than an update.

Warframe Equinox with Ash under water

The part I'm most excited about is the new frame, Equinox. The power of this warframe lies in its dual modes, Day and Night. Each power performs differently based on the mode you are in. The first power is Metamorphosis, which toggles between the modes and also gives a visual queue to which form you're in. In Day form, you get a damage and speed buff, whereas in Night form you get a shield and armor buff.

This motif of Day being offensive and Night being defensive carries through the other three abilities. The second ability, Rest and Rage, debuffs enemies in a small area in Day form and puts enemies to sleep in Night form. The third ability, Pacify and Provoke, buffs allies' power strength in Day form and reduces damage dealt by enemies in Night form. The last ability, Main and Mend, inflicts damage in two parts on a group of enemies while in Day mode and heals allies per each enemy death for a time in Night form.

Are you ready to play as the twilight ninja, Equinox?

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