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Review: Marvel's All-New X-Men #40 by Bendis, Asrar, and Beredo

Posted by Sean Hamilton Wednesday, April 29, 2015
The Utopians Rise in All-New X-Men
All-New X-Men #40 cover
by Sorrentino and Beredo
With the recent announcement of Marvel's lead X-Men writer leaving the titles around the time that "Secret Wars" hits the shelves, it seems Brian Michael Bendis is going to go out in style and leave a lasting impression.

With issue #40 of All-New X-Men, we get to see the team of time-displaced original X-Men back to together on Earth. They are curious about what has happened while they have been away, but that is not a focus of this issue. It is nice to see Cyclops back among the team, and this issue aims to quickly move forward the development of the main characters.

The story came across has heartfelt, with endearing moments throughout. Any criticism of Bendis regarding the outing of Bobby Drake, a.k.a Iceman, is ridiculous. As far as fictional characters go that was a tender moment, well executed and sure to have lasting consequences. This mirrored the pages dealing with Angel and his newfound lease on life. The honesty from the story as the young time-displaced X-Men feel the need to assert not only control but also meaning over their lives has a genuineness that is rare to feel in comics.

The issue is full of twists and turns. It was a great read start to finish. The usual humor, with little quips among the team coming in a free-flowing manner, was ever present. Although Bendis brings the characters' usual voices to the piece, controversy has arisen as some fans feel that Iceman is being forced to come out. Despite this, the ultimate judge of character rests on one individual: you, dear reader. If you don't like something, don't buy it.

Who are the Utopians in All-New X-Men?
Surely this is a good idea...
The best thing to do is check it out for yourself and let your opinion be formed by what you see with your own two eyes. This review or any other on the Internet's various forms of social media cannot tell you what to like or how to react, only you can decide what you feel. Bendis has been striving to get this message across throughout his narrative in the All-New X-Men—that we are responsible for our own actions and behavior.

Moving to the end of the issue, we begin to see a group of mutants still residing on the former island refuge of Utopia. They quickly dispatch any potential threat to their home and safety, though it is clear as we end the issue that there is much more story to be told about this group. Reflecting on the cover, the art by Andrea Sorrentino and Rain Beredo is wonderful. The color is dazzling, making the whole image feel special.

Beware the Utopians
The Utopians mean business.
Internally, the art is just as on point. Mahmud Asrar continues to show why he was chosen one of Marvel's "Young Guns" last year. Asrar's depiction of the world of the All-New X- Men has a great sense of cohesiveness with the artists who worked on the title prior to him but also exhibits a distinction all its own. It was great to see the tender moments mentioned above play out so well under Asrar's hand. The depth of storytelling penned by Bendis is given emotional life in the panels from Asrar.

The All-New X-Men reunite for big changes
The gang are back together!
With the end of the series imminent, there is a sense of sadness about it, but this issue brings so a dynamic approach that it also feels like an exciting time to be reading the series. There is a good deal of continuity necessary to help readers understand what is happening around this issue, but it is a great read to see just how characterization can take place in comics.

As we near the end of the series, we want to know what you think about All-New X-Men #40 or the series at large. Did you like Bendis's approach to Iceman and Angel in this issue? What do you hope to see in the final issues? What are your thoughts about the Utopians? Tell us below or head over to the Fanboys Anonymous Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment.

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