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Review: Marvel's Cyclops #11 by Layman, Garron, and Sotomayer

Posted by Sean Hamilton Friday, March 27, 2015
Marvel Cyclops faces the pirates
Cyclops #11 cover by Alexander Lozano
It's been a crazy (optic eye) blast, but all good things come to an end.

The space-bound time-displaced pirate teenager who we have come to know is being pulled in other directions through the galaxies and into the final flurry of the crossover involving the All-New X-Men team.

In Cyclops #11 John Layman, Javier Garron, and Chris Sotomayer begin the wrapup for a book that has provided a mixture of heartfelt character moments and some awkward teenage angst.

As all things Marvel comics prepare to implode in "Secret Wars," we do a quick analysis of just what sort of comic series we experienced with Cyclops. With the conclusion all but upon us (this is the second-to-last issue), it is a fine time to wrap up the series. There was so much potential in the concept, and it was a surprise when announced, but after the ups and downs of nearly 12 issues, it is time to say goodbye.

It is great to see writer John Layman push to conclude everything within this issue. The fates of Cyclops, Corsair, and the Starjammers are resolved, the dreaded threat of Captain Malefect and his daughter Villeena comes to a dramatic close, and we head onward to the concluding issue ready for "The Black Vortex." The surprise twist for Vileena was a great turn by Layman, something that could be explored further down the line, with ramifications for Cyclops perhaps. However, Layman did admit in a recent interview for Comic Book Resources that not everything could be brought to a satisfactory close. For instance, Corsair's need for medication to stay alive fell to the side as this issue focused on other aspects of the story that needed to be closed off.

Cyclops pays for breaking a young girls heart
Villena doesn't break-up easily
A standout for the entire series, and once again prevalent in this issue, are the colors of Chris Sotomayer. There is a real sense of cosmically inspired tone and feeling brought to bear by his artistic endeavors. The bright and snappy colors that balanced Javier Garron's style of pencils was always a welcome note in each issue.

Another great aspect of the series has been the cover art by Alexander Lozano. This will sorely be missed after the final issue. It has an artistic quality to it that is rarely seen on other Marvel publications. The art Lozano produces should be collated in its own manner, it's that good.

Corsair and Cyclops in trouble
Malefect seals Cyclops fate
Ultimately, while we have one more issue in this series before "Secret Wars," this is the finale of the arc. Given this, I had hoped for more. The series never really felt as though it lived up to the potential it had. Layman and Garron's run was fine—in fact, it was just okay, nothing more. Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman set up a great premise and executed it well for a few issues, but eventually both left the series, and it didn't really get the lift it needed by the new creative team to get it back on track. Perhaps this will remain a missed opportunity for Marvel and editor Katie Kubert.

Tjaro-6 the slave planetTjaro-6 the slave planet

There have been fun moments in this issue and others throughout the series, but this was not a "must have read." Given that the central character was on a timeframe very much dependent on the larger All-New X-Men plots and writer Brian Michael Bendis's need for Cyclops, we knew that the series was on limited time. As Bendis prepares to leave the X-Men franchise and take up something new at Marvel, it is time Cyclops rejoins his time-displaced team in "The Black Vortex" crossover.

So Fan-people, what did you really think about this issue? Did it do justice to the concept of the series for you? Does it meet your expectations of the talent on board for it? Tell us below or head over to the Fanboys Anonymous Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment. Make sure you come back for the very last issue of Cyclops as we enter into the closing of the "The Black Vortex" and his series.

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