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The hook of Warframe can be boiled down to three words: Robot Space Ninjas. Warframe mixes these three concepts to create a grungy third-person shooter that combines high-paced shooting with devastating melee combat and even parkour movements.

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Destroy your enemies with an array of weapons that includes assault rifles, pistols, blade launchers, swords, scythes, and many others. Best of all, it's free to play.

Warframe Weapons including Assault Rifles Pistols Shotguns Tasers

In Warframe, you play as a race of sentient energy lifeforms known as the Tenno, who have been reawakened to fight the Grineer cyborgs, Corpus merchants, while culling the horde of mutants known as the Infected. Led by a mysterious female known only as Lotus, you pilot warframes, robotic units with unique abilities, to mercilessly strike down those who will bring chaos to the universe.

The newest of the warframes is Mesa. She specializes ranged attacks with abilities that reflect bullets back at enemies and her ultimate, which unveils concealed pistols that she uses to unleash a storm of bullets. Other warframes include Nova, who has control over antimatter; Ash who has shurikans and and other ninja abilities; and Rhino, who uses a mix of great defense and brute force to crush his enemies.

Warframe Ninja Ashe Blade Storm Fighting Grineer

Though the game is free, it is updated almost more frequently than games with a paid subscription model. Typically, each month brings multiple additions. From weapons to warframes to even new zones, Warframe is growing at a rapid pace and shows no signs of slowing down. Now, it does have a currency known as platinum, which is bought with real-world money. However, everything that can be bought with platinum can be either bought or found in game. The benefit that makes platinum appealing is time, as it can be used to speed up crafting times or buy certain things outright. There are actually many things that can't be bought with platinum.

In a relatively short span of time, Warframe has revamped its entire damage system (dubbed damage 2.0) to include 3 physical damage types and elemental properties that can be combined to create combos such as fire-and-ice-creating blast. Another fun addition was the kubrow, alien soldier dogs; when you take one with you, it replaces your sentinel (a robot that assists you by attacking enemies and providing buffs) and engages in melee combat with enemies. Your kubrow gains experience points through battling and will gain more slots for mods.

Warframe Mirage Pistols Kubrow Robot Ninja

One of the biggest additions to the game was the archwing. Prior to its release, all battles took place inside space fortresses or on the ground of a planet. The archwing allows you to take the battle to the great vacuum of space. With this release also came new space zones as well as new mission types. The archwing is also relatively easy to get. Follow a few missions, build the parts, and you're all set.

Warframe's momentum is only growing, and I'm enjoying watching it grow. I can't wait to see what they add next. They're already hinting at something big in their new trailer launched today. Watch and enter your comments below.


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