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Fanboys Anonymous Will Be at PAX East 2015

Posted by Mike Paden Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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This weekend in Boston tens of thousands of gamers will join together at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for the largest annual gaming festival in North America. PAX East 2015 will be a 3-day event featuring guests, tournaments, freeplays of demos, nerd-centric music concerts, panels, and so much more.

PAX East tickets for cheapGaming fans will have access to exclusive first looks at upcoming releases from developers big and small. Blizzard, The Behemoth, Capcom, Adult Swim Games, and many others will have something to share with attendees.

There will also be panels on all 3 days covering every type of gaming related thing you'd want to hear about. Blizzard will be showing a preview for Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm. OC ReMiX will be celebrating their 15th anniversary. Saturday will be Game Show Night, where there will be mock editions of Family Feud and The Price is Right.

Free music download from PAX EastFor the chiptune fans there will be music concerts from some of the video game world's favorite bands. Performances by Bit Brigade, Freezepop, Triforce Quartet, and others will be there to add some rock concert flare to the event.

Members of Fanboys Anonymous will be there to report on all the big news and tell you of our experience. If you've enjoyed our previous coverage of Too Many Games, South Jersey Geek Fest, and New York Comic Con '14 you certainly want to keep up with us on this weekend. Stay tuned to Fanboys Anonymous for the big news stories, and follow Mike Paden and Chris Dace to see how their spending their time at PAX East 2015.

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